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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! Last night we got another strong episode. Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple were not kidding when they said it would be non-stop. Let’s take a look and discuss what went down.

***** Spoilers Incoming *****

It all starts out with Bob being eaten beside a nice campfire. We learn more about the creepy cannibals. The twist: Bob tells them they are eating “tainted meat” and shows them a wound on his neck. I thought he was bluffing for a second but then I remembered when they took him: He was outside by himself, crying, when he should be happy inside, celebrating. Damn. I didn’t like Bob at first. During the 2nd half of last season though, he grew on me. I liked how he became a source of strength and positivity for Sasha. I have a feeling she is going to become a little more like Michonne.

It quickly escalates from there. Abraham wants to pack up and go. Rick wants to stay and wait for Daryl and Carol (I can’t help that it rhymes) to come back. Compromise is reached and they prepare for a showdown with the cannibals. I’m kind of surprised, but glad they didn’t stretch it out all season.

I have to say it plays out a little more epic (and shocking) than I thought it would. There is definitely some symbolism in the way it goes down. It’s interesting to see who partakes in it and who does not. Michonne is reunited with her Samurai sword, and it feels so good.

For the most part, questions are answered. Like all good episodes though, a big one pops up at the end. Beth: Where is she, how is she? At the end of the episode Daryl comes out of the woods. Michonne asks, “Carol?”. Daryl turns to the woods and says, “Come on out”, which is really odd if it’s just Carol. It could be he ran into Morgan, who we know is out and about.

In the trailer for next week’s episode we learned there will be some answers for Beth. Daryl reveals he was with her. He says she is “alive” but then says she is, “gone”. Does this mean she mentally checked out? We know she is capable of doing that, even though she got through it. It could also mean she is being brainwashed or drugged.

I can’t wait. This season is shaping up to be the best one yet! Hope you enjoyed this installment of Walking Dead Weekly. See you next week!

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