1st and 5

Week 9 is upon us. For a few teams, this is the true halfway point, 8 games in the books for the 2014 season. Injuries are piling up as well as losses. I mentioned most of these players before. You should have listened, but no. You didn’t!

QB: Kyle Orton, Bills- I have said it a couple times now. He’s got 1,128 yards, 9 TDs to 3 INTs in 4 games. Go get him. In my league Carson Palmer, Cardinals- is out there too. Only 13.4% owned in ESPN leagues. Michael Vick perhaps with the Jets? Kind of risky. Could be a matchup play.

RB: Lorenzo Taliaferro, Ravens- The RB situation there continues to be a cluster. We know Forsett is going to get his share of touches as the speed back. Taliaferro might have jump ahead as the power back. Keep an eye on: Theo Riddick, Lions- Came in for Bush and was the receiving back. Detroit is on a bye this week, so Bush might sneak back into the lineup. Denard Robinson, Jaguars- posted his 2nd week of 100 yards rushing or better.

WR: Donte Montcrief, Colts- I have no idea where this dude came from. Usually I stay away from one hit wonders, but–Luck is his QB, so go snag him if you need one. Just don’t expect 100 yards and a TD every week! Keep an eye on: Brandon Cooks, Saints- I drafted this dude because I thought he would be a nice compliment to Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston. For whatever reason, the Saints couldn’t figure out how to get him going. Until Sunday night. Pick him up, but know he is a rookie and can easily be hit or miss.

TE: Heath Miller, Steelers- Look, it’s week 9. If you don’t have a TE by now, you are looking at the very bottom of the barrel. Unless you are in a league where no one pays attention to their roster. Miller looks like the best option out there and is only on 19% of ESPN rosters. He’s your man.

D/ST: Vikings- The Vikings defense has been eating the last three weeks. I expect it to continue this week vs Colt McCoy and a Redskins team that had 2 turnovers that the referees decided to let go. Steelers D/ST might be out there too. They have a tough matchup with the Ravens this week but then play the Jets and Titans back to back.

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