Bears fans need to be patient

I know it’s hard. We all thought the Bears were ready to win this year. They seemed like they were built to win. We had a good offense last year. Phil Emery seemed to have brought in enough talent on the other side of the ball to “fix” last years record setting bad defense. This year has been a series of ups and downs, culmniating in last Sunday’s blowout up in New England. Tom Brady looked like the Hall of Famer he certainly will be.

Even though the Bears unraveled, I am clinging to the faith and a little hope here. It’s only Cutler’s 2nd year in this offense. He should be showing improvement (he actually is statistically) He’s not showing enough though. I have lost a little faith in him and head coach Marc Trestman. I’m giving them one more game before I go on “draft watch”. The time where I start paying more attention to the college game and the prospects coming out.

My faith and hope comes from Drew Brees. As good as a QB as he is, it took him 4 years to get to a Super Bowl with the Saints. It takes time people. I’m done apologizing and making excuses for Jay, but I am clinging to logic and the knowledge that Jay is here for 2 more years. Whether we like it or not. The Bears best chance at winning  the next two years is with the Cutler/Trestman combo.

This is it for Jay. There is no bringing in another head coach or offensive coordinator for him to work with. He has already had more than his share. Trestman was his last chance. This is kind of why I was surprised they signed Cutler after a mediocre performance last year. They could have given him a 2 year extension, if he didn’t want that–the franchise tag. Instead, they rolled the dice on Jay suddenly becoming a different QB after 8 years in the league. Right now it’s looking like a very bad decision. This year is one loss away from a “throw away season”.

There is a little light coming though. As the Bears enter the bye week, a time to reevaluate, heal up, and prepare for the second half. It will start out with a tough task. Go up to Green Bay and beat the Packers, who are also coming off a loss, and also have an extra week to heal and prepare. The Bears should get back some key players though. Lance Briggs on defense. CB Kyle Fuller will be able to heal up his hip. Second year WR Marquees Wilson should be returning from a fractured collarbone.

I know it’s a lot to ask, especially after the 51-23 smoking in New England. Be patient. It’s all we can do.


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