Ay caramba!

Ay caramba!


It’s whatcha don’t say. It’s whatcha don’t do. I’m shaking my head. I’m banging it too!

You’re not making any sense. You’re all on the defense. Words are spinning out like a landlocked trout.

You are mad at the world and it’s pretty absurd, firing off shots at shadows and what not.

I got my head down now, don’t dare make a sound. Desperately looking for some higher ground.

Tried to make my case, I lost that race. Here you come again, all back in my face.

Is this reality? Feels like brutality. Lost rationality. Don’t want to be a casualty!

Ay caramba! Gonna get me some tequila!

I need a chica who doesn’t beat me like a pinata

I’ll leave tomorrow and see what I can borrow

No time for broken hearts or sorrow

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