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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. So far this season, we have had some really strong episodes. A letdown was bound to happen. I kind of felt like last night’s episode was sort of a let down in a sense. I will explain why, but first…

*****Spoiler Alert*****

So, it’s starts off where the preview from last week left us: Beth wakes up in a hospital and sees downtown Atlanta in all it’s post-apocalyptic glory. We find out quickly that these folks are a little bit odd. I couldn’t figure out if they were LARPing* at first or what. I’m still not sure if they actually kidnapped Beth or “savnapped” her for evil gain. Either way, these new people all suck, except for one, Noah. Again with the biblical names. Anytime someone gets a biblical name it makes me a little cautious. Most of the episode is learning bout these crazies, one who wants to make Beth his plaything.

Questions: One of the first questions I had was: How did she get the cut on her face and what’s up with her hand. Officer not-so-friendly let’s Beth know she was “saved”. I kind of think they knocked her out cold. If the cut was from a walker, she’d be turning soon. My next one is when they were getting ready to eat Guinea Pig. I felt it was both ironic, considering what happend with Terminus and the cannibals and perhaps some sort of artisitic moment. Is Beth also a Guinea Pig? Are we the audience the Guinea Pig? I feel that the whole ending of last week where Daryl comes out of the woods is still up in the air. We know it’s not Carol popping out. So who the heck is it? Perhaps it could be Noah? He and Carol could have stumbled upon him and he could have told them about the hospital. We also know Daryl said he saw Beth and she was alive but “gone”. I take this to mean mentally. Does this mean she sees something or does something that pushes her over the edge? Oh, so many questions. This is probably the biggest reason why I think this episode was a let down. So far this season, every episode had some good answers. Perhaps over time, I will change my view.

“Zombie kill of the week” goes to Beth by default. She was the only one that killed any walkers. Kill them she did. Shot them up nice and stomped one. I rather like the way she handled Gorman. You could say he was a “sucker for her”. Ha! He got what he deserved, which is to be walker food.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Walking Dead Weekly. See you next week!

*Live action role play

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