Should Pandaria have been the whole expansion?

When the news broke at BlizzCon I was happy and excited, mostly because of Pandaren as a playable race and monks as the new class. Sure, a new world is nice to explore, especially after we had an expansion on Azeroth. Looking back though, I got tired of Pandaria really quick, mostly the quests and not the awesome scenery and music. So, should it have been the entirety of an expansion? Let’s discuss.


Pandaria definitely had it’s moments.

With the XP nerf we will have to do a lot less Pandaria questing to level from 85-90, which is great for many people who have gone through that process. In all fairness, in every expansion there are zones you might like better than others and ones you like less. For me, I think a lot of the problem is no flying until 90. I know with a fair amount of certainty, I would not have 10+ max level toons if I had to ride around the Outland and Northrend. Most of my alts would have burned out slowly, probably around level 64-65. I can stomach Hellfire Peninsula on familiarity and Zangarmarsh is one (if not my favorite) zone.

Jade Forest is my favorite zone in Pandaria, but that is not saying a whole bunch. There is a big portion of that I stomach just to get to the one quest chain I really enjoy. I like the main quest chain, the stuff that had to do with finding Anduin and rescuing him, until he ran off again. I liked parts of other zones, but not a whole lot. Certainly not enough for me to play through on a handful of characters, let alone almost a dozen.

In my opinion (and this would not be popular) Pandaria could have been done on a much smaller scale. Wasn’t a big fan of either the Isle of Giants or the Isle of Thunder. I did enjoy Timeless Isle very much. I also enjoyed the Operation Shieldwall stuff (still haven’t done the horde side equivalent: because dailies). They probably could have kept it smaller and belted it out in a year, inline with them wanting to deliver expansions quicker.

Perhaps someday they will move to this model. Not make such a grand new world to play in, make the story tighter, with less filler content. Maybe even add on/unlock zones as the story advances (similar to Timeless Isle).

So how do you feel? Did you like Pandaria in all it’s splendor or are you glad to be moving on? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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One Response to Should Pandaria have been the whole expansion?

  1. Mr. Grim says:

    cant really have a new race without a new xpac, so though i didnt like it, it was necessary since that is what they did. WoD, on the other hand, is simply a Caverns of Time instance that was turned into an xpac, and is the end of my association with this game. it is not the same game i signed on to 5 yrs ago.

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