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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. Sunday night’s episode, “Self Help” was another really good one. We learned a lot about Abraham, Rosita and Eugene and got another intriguing trailer. First up…

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Starts off on the church bus where we last left the group that was headed to D.C. It quickly devolves from there. Suddenly the bus overturns and the adventurers are once again neck deep in walkers. Eugene takes a half step forward and kind of distracts a walker so Tara can finish it off. The group takes care of business and hunkers down in a library. That’s where the real fun starts. We get to see some flashbacks with Abraham and even see his family, which was cool.

Before the crash, there was a nice little exchange with Rosita and Abraham. It made me wonder what exactly was the extent of their relationship. We soon learn they have at least a physical thing going on and perhaps more. Eugene reveals to Tara that he sabotaged the bus, which made my mind wonder a bit. It would not be long before he drops another bombshell on the group.

In the morning they stumble upon a firetruck and prep it as their next ride. What they ended up doing was releasing a slew of walkers from a building. Shenanigans ensue and Eugene, in gloriously stunning fashion hoses them down from atop the fire engine. It was spectacular and grand. Shortly after, the fire engine breaks down again and Eugene drops his bombshell: He’s not a scientist. I was going to write how I figured it out when he told Tara about the church bus, but they hit us with it. Then Abraham hit Eugene right in the face! Floored.

Will the group travel on to D.C. despite of the revelation or will they try and go back and hook up with the others? Will Abraham self destruct now that he has no mission? Is Eugene even alive? He took 3 brutal hits before he landed face-first on the concrete. There is also the trailer after the episode in which we learn Daryl and Carol caught up with Beth’s “savnappers” and plan to see what’s up. We also see (on Talking Dead) Daryl toss a body covered in a white sheet on a fire. It will be interesting to see who is in the sheet. I don’t think it is Beth because Daryl says (in a previous preview) that she is not dead, but “gone”.

Finally, we have “Zombie kill of the week” which totally goes to Eugene and his ‘fire hose massacre’ as Chris Hardwick put it on Talking Dead. He even impressed Abraham who has been to 8 state fairs and a goat rodeo. So there you go. That is pretty high up there! Hope you enjoyed this installment. See you next week!

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