How would you fix the Bears?

I know. Last week I was telling Bears fans to be patient. This week. I don’t know what to say. I still think the Bears best option for winning over the next 2 years is the Trestman-Cutler combo. Mainly because Jay ain’t going nowhere for at least 2 more years. However, let’s just play “what if” a little here. I even have this rocking Tommy Shaw song from “Remo Williams: The adventure begins”

First scenario: Fire Trestman and basically the entire coaching staff. I kind of want to see what Defensive Backs coach John Hoke could do, but then again, the secondary has been pretty craptastic outside of some early play from rookie CB Kyle Fuller. Ex-Bears Safety Chris Harris could move from Quality Control and coach the DBs. I really like what Aaron Kromer has done with the offensive line since coming over from New Orleans. I would hate to lose him. As Trestman’s #2 though. Not sure he could stay and remain effective if Trestman was dispatched.

Who would I bring in? If Cutler was staying, there is only one guy I would bring in (and this could be a bad decision) and that would be Mike Shanahan. Shanahan got the most of of Cutler in Denver and perhaps can push the right buttons again. Shanahan also knows how to run a football team. Well, except for that debacle in Washington, but I think that was more on meddlesome owner, Dan Snyder. Then again Jay kind of got Shanny fired by his lack of winning in Denver.

Scenario two: They find a team to take Cutler on a trade (this is highly, highly unlikely). The problem here is two fold: Finding a team that values Cutler and being able to fit his salary into their cap situation. I have a couple spots in mind: Houston and Washington. Houston needs a QB bad. Real bad. In the worst way. They also are not at all happy with first round pick Jadeveon Clowney. Mayyybe. Just maybe, a swap would fix both teams. Washington maybe in a similar situation with QB Robert Griffin III. I think Griffin only has 1 year left on his deal, so the Bears would only take a hit for 1 season. Marc Trestman stays and plugs in RG3 or finds another QB off the scrap heap and puts him in. Mel Tucker would have to go. Not sure Trestman would be able to get a decent Defensive coordinator who would be basically on a 1 year deal. Lovie Smith had the same problem with offensive coaches.

Scenario three: Cutler stays. Trestman goes. Rex Ryan, the soon to be ex-Jets coach comes in. He’s got a strong enough personality to handle any leftovers from Trestman’s regime. All the offensive coaches stay. Rex could evaluate the rest of the coaches. I would imagine Mel Tucker would be gone. Rex Ryan would be an interesting option in Scenario two, but I am not sure he and Trestman could get along. Then again, Ditka and Buddy Ryan had a real acrimonious relationship and it paid off in a Super Bowl win.

Scenario four: A complete blow up of the organization. From Emery on down. New GM, new coaching staff, Cutler gone. This is highly unlikely for a couple reasons. The Bears would be on the hook for all the terminated personnel. They don’t mind eating 1 contract for 1 year. I highly doubt they would take the hit. Even if they could pawn off Cutler to another team, they would be eating two years of Emery and Trestman’s salaries. Which I guess isn’t all that much, but it still cuts into the bottom line. I like Emery and Trestman. I don’t think this mess is their fault 100%. I do think Phil is paying the price on Cutler though.

So there you have it. Four improbable situations. Hey, what else can we do but speculate and have a little fun. Nothing will probably change until after the season. Even then, you might be looking at just a switch at Defensive Coordinator. I would have let Mel Tucker go now, only to see if Hoke has something to offer.


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