Hearthstone 101: The mage

So, you stepped into Hearthstone. Maybe to check it out. Maybe to get the Hearthsteed. You are feeling a little overwhelmed. Then this post is for you.

The mage is the first deck you get to play, and there are probably good reasons for that. It’s well balanced. It has lots of damage dealing spells, Area of Effect damage and crowd control. Things you will know from Warcraft.

The first thing you want to do is level that mage up until you unlock all your class cards. You can do this in practice mode, so don’t worry. What I tried to do was keep playing against different classes so I could get familiar with their abilities, spells and minions. Once you get all the mage cards unlocked, you are ready to make your first custom deck! It’s easy.

Main Menu-My Collection

Main Menu.

Custom play: From the main menu, click on “My Collection” then click on New Deck and select “Mage” and it will take you to the mage portion of your cards. Click them 2x each until you have them all in your deck. You should have 20.

They are listed in alphabetical order but from lowest mana to highest mana, so that’s what I will do too:

Basic Mage cards

Basic Mage cards.

Arcane Missiles, 1 mana- This is a really cool and versatile spell. You can take out a couple low health minions or hit your opponent (it’s random). If you have a minion that boosts spell power, it adds an additional missile (we will get to that in a bit).

Mirror Image, 1 mana- This card is a spell, so it has some synergy with other cards you will get later on. At face value it pops up 2 0/2 minions with taunt.

Arcane Explosion, 2 mana- A spell that does 1 damage to all enemy minions. Not all that impressive by itself until say round 4 or 5 when your opponent loads the board with murlocs. Timing is key with this one. You can also pump up it’s power with certain minions.

Frostbolt, 2 mana- This is one of the most powerful 2 mana cards in the game. A spell that does 3 damage and freezes the target. It works on both minions and the hero, which is what makes it so potent. It’s a spell so, yep–it can be pumped up to do more damage!

Arcane Intellect, 3 mana- A spell that gives you 2 cards from your deck. Sometimes that next card is the difference between a win or a loss.

Frost Nova, 3 mana- A spell that freezes all enemy minions. Comes in handy when your opponent puts out a minion and you have no other removals. Especially great when you are sitting on a Flamestrike and don’t have quite enough mana to play it.

Fireball, 4 mana- Simply do 6 damage to a target. Can be used on minions or the hero. It’s a spell so you already know it means business.

Polymorph, 4 mana- This spell is great for removing a nasty minion from the game. Especially now with Deathrattle* decks or legendary cards. Try to hold onto them if you can.

Water Elemental, 4 mana- A 3/6 minion that freezes any character that it damages. Minion or hero. Especially good vs those classes with pesky weapons. Later on when you get cards that can make it a taunt, it’s even more spectacular. Take my word on that 😉

Flamestrike, 7 mana- This will be the last spell you unlock and it’s a good one. By the time you get to 7 mana your opponent will probably have a couple minions out on the board. Not for long! Make sure to yell, “incoming!” when you play this spell.

So those are all your basic mage cards. Now lets click over to the basic minions and make this beast roar!

Basic Mage + minions

Basic minions will be under “Neutral” cards.

Basic Minions: Neutral cards.

(2) Acidic Swamp Ooze, 2 mana- This minion is pretty good especially as you are learning the game. It’s a 3/2 and it has a Battlecry, which means an ability that goes in effect upon summoning. This guy destroys your opponents weapon. If your opponent is playing a class that doesn’t use weapons, go ahead and play it in round 2 if you have it.

(2) Ironfur Grizzly, 3 mana- A 3/3 minion with taunt. This guy is pretty straightforward. If you are feeling a little bolder, you can swap this out with the Booty Bay Bruiser which is a 5/4 minion with taunt for 5 mana.

Nightblade, 5 mana- This minion is a 4/4 with a Battlecry that does 3 damage to the enemy hero. Which is really cool if he has a couple taunts on the board. Cards that deal 4 damage are special as well. They are smack in the middle of 2 priest spells that you will come to hate. One destroys minions with 3 or less attack. The other destroys minions with 5 attack or more. My advice is to always play a couple “4s” in your deck.

Stormpike Commando, 5 mana- He’s a dwarf so that’s cool. This guy is a 4/2 minion with a Battlecry that does 2 damage to a target. This means minion or hero, which is sweet. Also, 4 damage so, it’s in that sweet spot. The downfall is it only has 2 health.

(2) Lord of the Arena, 6 mana- This sucker is tough, especially later on when your opponent has no removals. A 6/5 minion with a taunt.

(2) Stormwind Champion, 7 mana- A 6/6 knight in shining armor that adds +1/+1 to all your other minions. It’s an instant effect, so any ones you add later (as long as he is on the board) will gain the benefit. If you want to change things up a little, you can take one of these out and add a Core Hound, which is a 9/5 minion for 7 mana.

Spell power can be boosted up with cards such as the Kobold Geomancer or Dalaran Mage.

So that is your first custom mage deck. It’s basic. It’s balanced. It’s packed with power! Feel free to swap cards out and try different things!

*Deathrattle- An effect that triggers upon the minions death

Taunt- A minion effect that forces you to attack it before attacking with other minions and certain hero attacks/weapons.

Battlecry- An effect that is enabled upon summoning/playing the card.

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