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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! I have mixed feelings about last night’s episode, “Consumed”. It answered a couple questions but I feel it was a little slow. After how the Termites were handled, I guess I expected things to keep on the fast pace. Before we go any further though…

*****Spoiler Alert*****

So, there were a few flashbacks. Some of them I thought were good, some of them I thought were not necessary. I kind of didn’t think the intro was needed. It was cool to see how quickly Carol reacted when she saw the smoke rise near the prison. She went into action in the blink of an eye. We obviously know how bad ass she is after “Zombie Apocalypse Rambo” saved the adventurers from Terminus. I was surprised she did not “hook up” with Daryl though. It was so brewing.

Noah came back into the story and robbed Carol and Daryl, then had to be saved by the pair. Probably my favorite moment is when he said he was in the hospital and had to go back and save the blonde haired girl. The ‘a-ha’ moment and Beth’s name came out. It was short lived because then Carol gets run over by the hospital cops, which sheds some light on how they “save” you. We all figured they were shady but now we know 100%. We also know who Daryl brings out of the forest–Noah.

I cannot wait for next week’s episode. I have really high expectations from the way the team handled the cannibals. This time they get to be the sneaky ones. With Noah’s help, they will know the ins and outs of the hospital and when and where to attack. I kind of hope it happens over one episode but then what would happen in the season finale? There really is no build up like last season with the jail and Terminus.

My biggest question is does Carol live or die? In the preview for next week we learn that Beth speaks up for Carol and Dawn tells the cop to pull her off life support. She then lets Beth know that she just “killed that woman”. I’m hoping Carol is a little better off than she appears to be. I was kind of Luke-warm on Carol before, but since Terminus and her “Rambo” thing, she’s in my top 5. Maybe I should do a top 5 list…some other time! There is also the question of Morgan–where is he?!? We got teased in the season premiere and then another glimpse later on. I guess he will be this season’s “build up” for the mid-season finale.

“Zombie” kill of the week- In a round about way, goes to Daryl. He pushes the van off the bridge which then makes a couple walkers fall (or jump after them?) on top of the fan and splatter epically on the windshield. That was pretty cool. Also: It wasn’t a kill, but his form tackle on Noah was impressive. I have been in that position a couple of times and when you lock onto someone in a split second, lower your shoulder, then bring the pain–it’s a thing of beauty. Trust me. So Kudos to Norman Reedus and the director/stunt guys who nailed that one.

Hope you enjoyed this installment. See you next week!



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