What did you think of the pre-expansion content?

I have been a little behind on Warcraft stuff lately. First I ran into the problem of not being able to play after patch 6.02 launched due to a poor choice in selecting my PC and not upgrading the video cards. Long story short, I finally did it. Eventually I got around to trying the Blasted Lands stuff and it was OK. Better than what we got for Mists but not quite as good as the Elemental invasion and no where near as epic as the zombie invasion.

Khadgar in SW

Khadgar in Stormwind.

That doesn’t mean you couldn’t enjoy it for what it was worth, right? It was neat to see the Dark Portal turning red and the goons (uh, orcs) spilling forth. I was actually surprised how easy the mobs went down. Even on my crazy under-geared DK and rogue (the DK still had 377 PvP gear). Part of that is, with the item squish, we got more powerful and older gear actually wasn’t too bad.

One of my favorite parts of these “server get-togethers” is interacting with people. There was a lot of, “I help you, you help me” going on–even as the content has been out for so long (I just started doing this last Tuesday–before Warlords launched). It was also good for my lower geared characters who really haven’t spent time on Timeless Isle and haven’t got fully decked out in purples. Like my DK for instance, who was running around with mostly 377 PvP gear from Cata.

I still haven’t purchased the expansion yet, but I plan on doing so as soon as I have the cash. In some ways, it’s not too bad, since there were lots of issues going on. So I will be running the Blasted Lands content on a couple more 90s while I wait.

In case you haven’t heard, there are a couple things to pickpocket for rogues. You get them off the three boss types you have to kill in Nethergarde Keep*. One is a Secretive Whistle that lets you summon a “shady dealer” to hock your wares. The other three things are some type of jewelry (Glistening Ring, Opal Amulet and Sparkling Amulet). Not sure what to do with it, but I saw people saying to hang onto them. That was kind of a neat Easter egg type thing.

So how about it? Did you like the pre-patch stuffs or did it not suit or engage you? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

*You can also pickpocket them from many mobs in Draenor!

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2 Responses to What did you think of the pre-expansion content?

  1. Dobablo says:

    It would of been better if they’d added invasion events at the main Horde/Alliance camps. Something that they could of cut and pasted from the garrison invasions and maybe a world boss (Durn the Hungerer?) wandering outside BRS (just waiting to be kited into Stormwind

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