Time for new ways to gear up

In light of the whole Need for Greed-Personal loot fiasco, I thought it was time to really sit down and think about this for a few minutes. I have always thought the “loot wheel” was a tired way to gear up. Especially when you do it over and over again in an expansion. So how can we fix this? I mean who are we but mere players in the game?

Well, the WoW community can be a happy place, full of inspired and giving people. It can be shit too, but let’s not dwell on that. First of all, let’s see what works:

Timeless Isle- More or less, Timeless Isle type gearing worked on several levels. It had personal loot from the bosses and it had lovely gear that dropped which could only be opened by a spec that could use it. When it did open, it was spec specific. In case you skipped it, when you opened a piece of gear, it would have the stats your current spec needed. So, if you were a holy paladin–you would get intellect. If you were retribution, you would get strength. Pretty straight forward. You could also send your duplicates to any other characters because it is Bind on Account (BoA), which is supreme. The gear itself could be upgraded in two ways. 1) using Valor points and 2) Burden’s of Eternity. Now, Burdens were a bit tricky, because you could stockpile them on one toon, but since they are soulbound, you couldn’t trade them. Perhaps they could make a way to trade them for another piece of gear or to another player?

I thought this way of gearing was excellent. It was probably super easy, as it was intended for a “catch up” mechanic to get people into the last tier of raiding quickly. I think it could be tweaked and applied to current level stuff though. Further, make the gear be able to be traded into a vendor in case you got a double.

Personal loot- Now, I am one of the happy people that never really liked the “Need before Greed” system. Further more, I get annoyed when boxes are popping up while I’m fighting mobs in a dungeon. For someone to be clicking on loot while the fight is going on, really annoying and distracting. Sometimes you don’t get loot, but sometimes that happened with NbG anyways. I’ve gone through many dungeons and raids without getting more than table scraps and a few coins. Hell, I tied guild-mates on 100 rolls before and ended up not getting items.

Holiday bosses- I like the way loot drops in holiday bosses. You have personal loot, and also Need before Greed. I think that works great. You get your 1 special pouch/chest per day, then after that it’s need before greed on other things. Could this not be used for dungeons?

Flexibility- I like that you can run your own group and change the loot to however you want it. Flexibility should always be premium. For LFD/LFR though, I like personal loot. I don’t need to see who gets what, and every item I lost out on. If you want to look at the loot available you can check out your dungeon journal or go online.

Frequency- I think Blizzard needs to sit down and come up with a number or time frame that a player should be reasonably geared in. Whether that is 20 dungeon runs, 50 or whatever. Personally, I would set it at 5. I think if you run a dungeon 5 times, by that 5th time you should get something you need out of it. This is not World of SpaceBard though, so other input is needed! Add it up, average it out and see where it goes.

I think the fact that they changed it to NbG then changed it back quickly to personal loot means that they want to get it right, which is awesome. Instead of taking what looks like “knee jerk” reactions though, I think they need to sit down and take a longer look at things. Especially if they want to put out content faster. Gearing up shouldn’t be the RNG beast it always has been.

So what do you think? What works for you? What doesn’t work for you? What else would you like to see as far as gearing up in Warcraft? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the space below!

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