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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. Last night’s episode was unfortunately another weak/slow story. Especially after the build up at the end of last week’s edition. It was fairly anti-climactic and didn’t really reveal a whole lot. Before we go any further though…

*****Spoiler Alert*****

With only one week to go in the fall season I expected a lot more. Especially after Noah showed up at the church with Daryl. I figured some action would be imminent. I initially thought the resolution with the cannibals would take all season, I was wrong. So I figured the thing with the hospital would take an equal amount of time. I was wrong again. I certainly didn’t see it dragging out over 3-4 episodes. I did like the back-story on Rosita and see that she was down with Glenn, Maggie and the others. I really wanted Maggie to either shoot Abraham or at least smack him upside his skull with a rifle. I get that he had some trauma but in the “zombie apocalypse” you really don’t have time to feel all sorry for yourself.

Questions: Eugene seems to wake up near the end of the episode and Abraham takes the water Maggie offers him. Symbolic of coming back to the “real world” and choosing not to be catatonic. I see that as him rejoining the crew. Tara finds something in a backpack but that appears to have been a yo-yo as she was happily playing with it on her way back. My main question is where the eff does Gabriel think he’s going? Can’t take more than two steps from the church without stepping on a nail. A nail! He does manage to fend off a lone walker, but then balks at killing it when he sees it wearing a cross around it’s neck. It may have been a former member of his congregation.

Still no Morgan. I’m guessing he makes an appearance in the season finale. I’m a little disappointed how that story played out–or didn’t. He’s turned into the Terminus of season 5. Teased at the beginning but not really brought to light–yet. Maybe he runs into Gabriel?

“Zombie kill of the week” goes to Daryl again. He rips the head off a walker and uses it to skull-bash one of the cops. I’m assuming the walker died, but even if it didn’t, I approve.

So that is is for this week. We should be in for a doozy of a mid-season finale next Sunday. Which should make for an excellent installment of Walking dead Weekly. See you then!


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