Where have all the boomkins gone?

I was thinking about this recently. Having a conversation with a buddy and I realized that there seems to be a lack of balance druids walking around in Moonkin (aka Boomkin) form. Of course this is anecdotal evidence but it’s my evidence none the less. Is this a thing or is it all in my imagination?

Back when I first started playing, in the early days of Wrath of the Lich King, it seemed you would see boomkins all over. You would also see druids congregating in “tree” form. Happily jogging around and making healy all over the place. Even in Cataclysm there were boomkins here and there. So it is time that is unkind to the model or did people simply move away from the spec all together?

Druid in paradise

Solarra in kitty form on a nice beach.


So what happened druids? Where have you all gone? Kitty form? Resto? I need to know!

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One Response to Where have all the boomkins gone?

  1. Oh, we’re still out there and having fun with the new content. Sure, I’ll run around in Boomkin form from time to time because it’s fun too. No worries, I play a Balanced Druid and it’s been a lot of fun so far with the new changes.

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