Black Friday

At the end of the NFL season they have a day that is traditionally called, “Black Monday”. It is the Monday after the season ends. It is usually the day the most coaches are fired, hence the names. It’s not a happy time for NFL front offices. No one likes to see entire staffs lose their jobs. These are men with families. It’s a part of the game though. It is the reality of the situation. Today is that day in a sense, in Chicago. No one will probably get fired, which makes it even darker.

I have listed what I think are Phil Emery’s two biggest mistakes. I have written about possible ways out for Jay Cutler and Marc Trestman. After yesterday’s Thanksgiving disaster in Detroit, it is clear to me that things need to change.

In some ways, this is like what happened in Kansas City with GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel. Pioli was a first time GM coming out of the Patriots system. Crennel was the defensive coordinator from the same organization. It worked for a year. That situation was a little different. The team had pretty good talent, especially on defense. Their biggest failure was never getting the passing game going and injuries.

The Bears have a couple things going for themselves. Phil Emery knows how to build a football team from the ground up. He knows you have to have a strong line on both sides of the ball. Marc Trestman has proven he can take an average quarterback and get good results out of them. Unfortunately they hitched their wagon to the most puzzling QB of the last 10 years: Jay Cutler. All the talent, but is a turnover machine.

One of the things that doesn’t sit well with fans or media is that they keep telling you the ship is sailing along fine even after it hit the iceberg and is slowly sinking. They did it after both losses to the Patriots and the Packers. Anyone with the smallest amount of football intelligence can see the problems. I don’t believe that alone is grounds for termination, it sure doesn’t help their case though.

Yesterday’s game vs the Detroit Lions was kind of a microcosm of the season. The team just couldn’t play four quarters. Self destructed with penalties and the defense was ultimately exposed. The Bears were not officially eliminated from the playoffs but at 5-7, with 4 games left, and a few teams ahead of them, it’s looking darker than ever.

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