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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. Last night was the mid-season finale for season 5. It’s been an up and down season for me. I feel like the whole deal with the hospital and Beth was dragged out a little. I don’t know how it went down in the comics. It was probably a better episode when you take it in as a whole. Let’s break it down.


*****Spoiler Alert*****

I guess I am just a little frustrated on two levels. The way they strung out the deal with Beth and the hospital and also with Morgan. They teased him back in the season opener only to tease him all the way through the whole season. I Think Beth deserved more than to be killed like she was. Another thing that bothered me is the way they dealt with the church. I get that they had to move on, but having Gabriel lead 20 walkers back to it and not be able to get into his secret escape tunnel was cheap. I’m not sure Carl would be so willing to open the doors or accept him back after the realized he left without saying anything.

I did like Rick running down officer friendly with the car, but I am a little worried about where his character is going. It makes me wonder how far into the darkside he can go without totally losing himself. Then again, he gave him 2-3 chances to stop and he put him out of his misery. I wouldn’t have wasted a bullet on him. He was also willing to trade cops for Beth and Carol. I was a little puzzled why they would let the hospital keep going. To me they are the same as the cannibals. Without eating anyone obviously. The hospital cops kidnapped people though and used them just as much as the cannibals did. I suppose without Dawn, they might not keep that part up.

Beth’s death aside, I felt like this mid-season finale was one of the weakest to date. We have had some monumental events, Hershel being decapitated probably tops the charts. This one just falls flat for me. It’s kind of a testament to how strong the first three episodes were.

There really aren’t a lot of questions going forward. Where will they go? We know everyone is reunited. How will Daryl and Maggie deal with Beth’s death? I’m sure Rick will be blamed somehow. Will Eugene finally wake up? Oh yeah, when will Morgan catch up? Hopefully will will get most of those answered in the other half of season 5.

The Walking Dead will return in February 2015–but in the meantime, you can tune into the New Year’s Eve marathon* which will begin at 11am Eastern on December 31st. That’s it for this year. Have a safe and happy holiday season. See you in 2015!

*blog has not been updated for 2014-15. Check your local listings for start time!

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