Time for Marc Trestman to move on

When he came into town, I was cautiously optimistic. After his press conference I was wildly excited. I think Marc Trestman is a good man and coach. I love how he brought in Aaron Cromer and Matt Cavanaugh on the offensive side. Unfortunately that’s where it ends.

It seemed like he could throw any old QB into the offense and make it go. Josh McCown proved that. Didn’t he? Compiling a nifty 13-1 TD to interceptions in his backup duty for Jay Cutler. This is why many of us felt like they should have at most, slapped Cutler with the franchise tag and made him see what he could do in year two of this system. Instead, the law firm of Trestman and Emery decided to marry themselves to the polarizing QB. It could be that this was Emery’s call, but I doubt it. Emery has said they had a synergy and it is not likely that the GM would force a QB on Trestman if he was not 100% on board. Until it comes out that it’s all on Phil–I have to give them equal credit, and ultimately equal blame for the decision.

I can even forgive the clock management and tactical decisions. I think after the Carolina game, where the Bears blew a 21-7 halftime lead, Trestman started “coaching scared”. He no longer seemed to have the same faith in Jay. When he got a small lead, he got conservative and tried to win on running the ball and defense. The team got blasted by the Packers and Patriots in back to back weeks. It could happen. Okay, it happened one other time in the illustrious history of the NFL.

What really irked me was that here comes Marc Trestman saying the same stuff he did after the Packers game. They said they would go into the bye week and make changes, yet nothing changed. Not only that. He claimed that nothing was wrong. They just needed to “dig deeper” and “execute better”. Chicago is full of meat-headed sports fans. There are a good portion who are front-runners. We have a deep history of failing and choking (see ’69, ’84, ’89, ’03 Cubs) over the years. Many people thought the Bears teams of the mid 80s should have gone to more than one Super Bowl. What we are not is naive. We can’t be conned. We don’t fall for the cheese in the mousetrap or the “banana in the tailpipe”.

So there was Marc Trestman after getting smoked on Thanksgiving in Detroit like a holiday turkey, and again after a Thursday night beat-down to the Cowboys, saying the same stuff. Talking about how certain players loved football. Saying that players had to look within themselves. Not making any changes to starters. Not making any changes to the coaching staff. The 2014 season probably slipped away after the Patriots loss, if not sooner. With three games left, if my job was on the line, I would make sure I knew exactly what I had going for 2015. I would start by relieving a couple coaches of their jobs and seeing if anyone on the current staff could do better.

If I was Phil Emery, the only reason I would not push for any changes at this point, would be if I already had a replacement for Trestman in mind. There is going to be at least 2 notable head coaches fired at season’s end: Jim Harbaugh and Rex Ryan–both of whom could probably take the current roster to the playoffs. There are several other candidates that would be worthy of a shot at the title as well. For now, we have to wait and see, and hope that we don’t get the same old song and dance at the end of one of the most disappointing seasons in recent Bears history.

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