What was your Goblins vs Gnomes haul?

If you haven’t logged into Hearthstone lately, there was an expansion the other day. 100 new cards were added to classes and neutral minions. For just logging into the game you got 3 free decks. So what was your haul? Did you have gold saved up for the occasion? I did!

Free packs

Log on and get your 3 free packs! You have until December 19th!

I had just over 1800 gold, plus the free packs, so 21 packs of GvG cards. Yeah. I went on a spree! I got some neat cards. I only pulled 1 legendary out but it was a good one: Gahz’rilla, the 2nd hunter legendary. I was thinking about making this one, but now I don’t have to!

I also have around 1650 dusts to craft some cards, which I may do over the weekend. Here are some of my cards and some of my pulls:

First pack!

Not bad for my first pack of GvG cards!

It’s all exciting and new ❤

3 rare Gazlowe

Another legendary!

This draw was actually my 22nd pack, after I played for a little and finished the daily. My second legendary, which brings my odds back down to 2:22 (or 1:11). Looks like I could probably whip Gazlowe into a mage deck *cackles*.


This hunter legendary is a Gahz, Gahz, Gahz!

I was “Gahzed” when I saw this card pop up. While the Cash Shop snafu was going on, I went into crafting mode and perused the cards. This was one that caught my eye. I now have this and King Krush in my hunter deck.

After opening 21 packs, I was dizzy with excitement. It was almost 2am by the time I slapped a deck together and gave it a test drive. I made a hunter deck and filled it with Mechs. So much tinkering right now!

So what did you get? Anything good? What are you most excited for? Did you craft any cards yet? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments below!

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