What games do/did you dominate?

I was involved in a slightly off-topic discussion yesterday over at WoW Insider (imagine that right?) that brought up the topic of video games, particularly some older ones. It got me thinking. I used to be pretty good at some of them back in the day. I was the king of my castle and some other ones, for a time. Then video games got more complicated and the AI got better. People didn’t need to have the same level of eye hand coordination, just mashing buttons would sometime work. So I got nostalgic for the games I used to dominate.

There weren’t a lot but I excelled at sports games on the Sega Genesis. Maddens Football, baseball. NHL Hockey. Then when I upgraded to the Sony Playstation, that dominance continued for a good while. Then one day one of my friends was over. We were playing a spirited game of EA sports Baseball. Not sure on the exact year. Might have been 98-99. He picked the Arizona Diamondbacks and just whooped my ass. It was so bad at one point, he just sat there laughing. I supposed I deserved it. I won’t mention that I took my controller outside and smashed it into little pieces.

I also did pretty well at RBI baseball on the original Nintendo. Okay, that was against my little cousin, but still. So how about you? What games are you really good at? Do you beat up on your friends/siblings/little kids? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

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