Rex Ryan might be the man for the job

The Bears need a lot of things. Toughness. A Defensive Coordinator. Someone who is not going to take a lot of BS. A leader who will deflect the focus off his players. Yeah, he is a bit of a meatball. So are Bears fans (myself included–at times). He would fit right in a town who has coach Q, Thibs and now Joe Maddon. They can even sneak him in, sort of. Here’s how.

Hire him as the Defensive Coordinator and slap the assistant coach title on him. That would put Trestman on notice. We are probably looking at at least one more year of Cutler. If Trestman can’t get him to stop giving the ball away, he won’t be long for the job. Maybe even a mid-season replacement. They would already have their man. If things work out, you are looking at a playoff run.

I personally, would launch Trestman and draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round at this point. I was a big Trestman/Cutler supporter but that all fizzled out hearing them both talk week in and week out. Saying things will change and then not changing a damn thing. So I’m done. I’m almost to the point where I was back when Dave Wannstedt was running the franchise into the ground.

In today’s NFL a team can go from worst to first in one season. We see it year in and year out in the NFC South. The Bears are too talented to have complied the record they have. The right coach could get them into the playoffs. There will be at least 2 on the street at the end of the season. Here’s hoping one of them make it into the storied franchise that is the Chicago Bears.

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