1st and 5

Wow! What a crazy week in the NFL and I’m sure in Fantasy Football leagues all over the world! In my league there was a 161-87 match and then a 77-65 contest that came down to Monday Night Football. I was involved in the latter and was sweating it out until the 4th quarter. This is it. This is what we have been playing for all season.

QB: Alex Smith, Chiefs- He’s still there. Ready to fill in for your QB. Chances are, if you got to the championship, you have 1, if not 2 decent QBs. There is also RGIII who is going to start vs the Eagles. Obviously, both plays are out of need/desperation.

RB: Doug Martin, Buccaneers- I kind of hesitate to even mention Martin, who burned me so badly last year. His head coach is also kind of odd when it comes to running backs and running the football in general. Last week I mentioned Pierre Thomas could have a sneaky game vs my Bears. This week it’s James Starks. Even if Lacy carries the full load, there should be plenty of opportunities for a 2nd RB vs the Buccaneers.

WR: Harry Douglas, Falcons- Could be a good play even if Julio Jones is back. Has a foot injury, so keep your eyes on that. Jarvis Landry, Dolphins- Has been on my radar for a few weeks. Decent matchup at home vs the Vikings.

TE: Coby Fleener, Colts- I will keep mentioning him. Especially in a big game vs Dallas, who gives up lots of points to the Tight End position.

D/ST: Panthers- At home vs Johnny Football. You know he is going to throw a couple picks and probably get sacked. Although I have a sneaky feeling he’s going to do better than he did last week. Still, very good matchup. If the Packers D/ST is available they have a nice matchup at the Buccaneers.

That’s it ladies and gentleman. Hope you got to the championship. Good luck!


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