Blizzard thinking about selling gametime for gold

It’s often been asked about in game chat, in guild chat, on fan sites. It’s finally being pushed to the forefront.

It’s certainly a topic of discussion. Polarizing. Controversial. I see both pros and cons to it. One of the cons is the effect on the in game economy, which I think is kind of broken as is. I haven’t even looked at the AH yet in Warlords, since I have yet to craft anything besides Blingtron 5000. From my own limited experience, it feels like crafting items will not yield the same opportunity as it has in past expansions.

I do like the option to be able to sell gold for gametime, as I myself have had periods of time where I had more time than money. I would limit it though so people couldn’t exploit it. I think it does open up “Pandora’s box” a little. Especially if they don’t put strict limits on it.

I would also love an option to level a character for someone, for gold. Whether it be one of your characters or linking up with someone else and leveling their character for them. I think that would by dynamic and amazing for the game.

So what do you think? Good, bad, or “meh”? Feel free to leave your comments in the space below!

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