Did Jimmy Clausen prove Trestman right?

I kind of think he did. Here was a guy that hadn’t played since his rookie season. Not unlike what happened last year when Josh McCown took over for Jay Cutler and put up 13 TDs to 1 interception. Clausen started against a very stout Detroit Lions team and wasn’t bad. The Bears still lost.

I still don’t know what to fully make of it. There were so many things that went wrong this season. I’m not sure one game from Clausen can erase all that. If Aaron Kromer didn’t wet the bed so bad, he could have been inline to take over as offensive coordinator and keep the same system in place. It also shines the spotlight back on Phil Emery and brings up the question: Just what the [heck] were you watching (and/or smoking) before you decided to throw $54 million dollars at Jay Cutler?? I mean, you did go all the way to Canada to bring in a guy who can put any guy into his offense and make it work. You could have spent those millions on a little something we like to call: DEFENSE. I’m not sure who I am madder at. Since Trestman decided to throw Cutler and Emery under the bus a little with starting Clausen, I am inclined to believe he was either talked into Jay, or forced to take him.

The Bears will end up with no better than a 6-10 record, which looks like they will have between a 7th and 12th overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft. A loss Sunday to the Vikings would guarantee them the 7th overall pick. Phil Emery has had mixed results drafting so far. Busted on Shea McClellin–his first draft pick with the Bears, hit on Alshon Jefferey, Kyle Long. After that, Kyle Fuller looks like he has a chance to be decent, after a real strong first few games. The upper ups at Halas Hall will have some decisions to make a week from today. Do they want to leave the organization in the hands of probably the most incompetent GM/head coach combo since Dave Wannstedt was in charge of both? Or would they like to clear one or both of them out and start over?

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