‘Must have’ class cards: Goblins vs Gnomes edition

It’s early in the expansion, but still, there are a few cards that jump out for me. I certainly have not unlocked them all, but I have some early favorites. There probably will be a part two of this post a couple more months. Let’s check it out!

Gnomes vs Goblins


Druid of the Fang– A 5 mana minion with a 4/4 base–unless you have a beast. Then it turns into a 7/7 minion. A beast you say? Why that is just…beastly? There are actually a couple beasts worth putting into your druid deck. A Stonetusk Boar for example, who has charge. There are some instances where you might play the boar and buff it up for a more powerful attack. An Oasis Snapjaw, might be a good card too. You can also use that and make it a formidable tank. There is also the flexibility to play it as is vs a priest so they can’t insta-kill it with one of their annoying clever spells!


King of Beasts– A 2/6 minion with taunt that has a Battlecry that grants +1 attack for every beast you have. Lots of possibilities there. Especially if you play Snake Trap or Unleash the Hounds.


Echo of Medivh– A 4 mana spell that places a copy of each friendly minion into your hand. This is a game changer. Much like Duplicate or Pyroblast. The possibilities and potential of this card are pretty fantastic. Which is probably why it’s epic quality.


Cobalt Guardian– A 6/3 Mech that costs 5 mana. It has a lot more value if you are playing Mech’s. However, there are a few Mech’s you probably should have in every deck–but that’s another write up! It works well with many Paladin spells and many neutral minions.

Scarlet Purifier– I had to craft this bad boy. A 4/3 minion that blasts all minions with a Deathrattle for 2 damage. Nice right? For 3 mana, that’s a lot of pop.

Velen’s Chosen– For 3 mana, buff a minion with +2/+4 and +1 spell damage. Many possibilities, especially slapping it on a minion with high damage but lower health. Say, Argent Commander or Leeroy Jenkins perhaps? Nice little spell.


Goblin Auto-Barber– This little dude is one of my favorite cards in the expansion. A 3/2 Mech with a Battlecry that gives your weapon a +1. All that for 2 mana? Heck yeah.

Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil– A 4 mana spell that gives your weapon +3 attack and a random friendly minion +3 attack. I like the yin and yang thing.


Crackle– That is just what this 2 mana spell will do on it’s way to inflicting 3-6 damage on either your opponent or a minion. There is an Overcharge of 1, which might be good if you are running that kind of deck.

Whirling Zap-o-matic– A fun little 3/2 Mech with Windfury. For 2 mana, that’s pretty great. Especially if you get it out on turn 1 with the coin! You could play it later with the Powermace, which is pretty nifty too.


Darkbomb– A 2 mana spell that does 3 damage. Very straightforward.

Bane of Doom– Deals 2 damage to a character. If that kills it, summon a random demon. For a cost of 5 mana that is a lot of versatility. If it’s late in the game, it could be that last 2 points you need. You could also use it on a Nerubian Egg, which every Warlock should have in their deck!

Floating Watcher– A 4/4 Demon that gains +2/+2 every time your hero takes damage on your turn. Not for the feint of heart.


Siege Engine– For 5 mana you get a  5/5 Mech that gains +1 attack whenever you gain armor. This puppy can be devastating. Just a nasty minion that should be removed ASAP.


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