2014 end of season rankings: QBs

The 2014 Fantasy Football season is over for the majority of leagues. I always like to go over the stats and take a look at how things unfolded before they become “corrupted” by meaningless week 17 stats.

1. Andrew Luck, Colts- Ends 2014 as the undisputed points champ. 420 in my league (1 point for every 25 yards throwing, 6 points for all TDs, 1 point per 10 rush yards, -1 for INT). I had Luck last year and he did well. He was nowhere close to elite like he was in 2014. I have to believe he will be elite going forward. He kind of faded in the last few weeks, but he had 3 games with 4 TDs, 3 with 3 TDs and a 5 TD game. That is pretty impressive.

2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers- Solid pro here. Still probably the best QB with the most potential. Has two all-pro quality targets in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. If I have to take a QB in round 1, it will be tough for me to pass on him.

3. Drew Brees, Saints- I had him in 2014 and he let me down a bit, especially in week 16 vs the Falcons. You could usually count on a solid performance from Drew at home, but that wasn’t always the case this year. In 2015, he will have a healthy Brandin Cooks in his 2nd year, a healthy Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills, though. I might wait and see if he slips into round 2 or even 3, depending on my draft slot.

4. Peyton Manning, Broncos- He definitely had some decline down the stretch. Only 5 TDs in his last 4 games, including 0 and 1. That’s alarming. I would not want to put my fantasy season on those shoulders, especially where you would have to draft him.

5. Russell Wilson, Seahawks- I was really high on Wilson this season, I almost traded for him a couple times. One thing that held me back early was the fact that I had Marshawn Lynch. The other thing was his matchups in week 15-16. He came through in a tough matchup in week 16 at the Arizona Cardinals and their defense. This is something to remember going forward. Wilson is a solid dual-threat, he will get you points running and passing the ball.

6. Tom Brady, Patriots- I think Tom has proven he still has a lot of “gas in the tank”. Durable, fiery, and if he has a healthy Gronkowski, he is going to put up solid numbers. Many of you got him in the late rounds and benefited by it.

7. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers- Big Ben had a bit of a renaissance in 2014. He has probably the best WR in the league in Antonio Brown, a young stud in Martavis Bryant and the ever elusive RB, Le’Veon Bell.

8. Philip Rivers, Chargers- I had him as my backup QB and was able to trade him at his peak. I think that is a solid plan for any season. At times, I was tempted to play him instead of Brees. Rivers does well year in and year out, despite usually losing a receiver or two for periods of time.

9. Matt Ryan, Falcons- Matty “Ice” was once a top 5 candidate. He had flashes in 2014 where he played like it. His WRs keep getting nicked up though, perhaps due to playing on the hard turf most of the season. The gap kind of closed this year between the top 5 and the top 10 QBs as well.

10. Eli Manning, Giants- This is kind of a projection for 2015 as much as, he had a sneaky last half of 2014. With the emergence of Odell Beckham, Eli could creep back closer to that top 5 category in 2015. They need to strengthen their offensive line, so pay attention to that.

In the mix: Tony Romo, Cowboys- Is less of a gunslinger but as long as he has Dez Bryant, he has potential to have a big game. Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins- Put together a really nice season. I think he put away the talk of if he is an NFL QB or not. Cam Newton, Panthers- Cam had an up and down year. We saw him return to running when healthy. Has a nice combo with TE Greg Olson and Kelvin Benjamin will be in year 2.

So there we go, 2014 in the books, 2015 on the horizon!

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