Unspectacular feats of death!

I was going to complete the “Big gulp” fishing daily in Stormwind and decided to propel myself from my Sapphire Panther mount to land in the water. I would have made it fine if it was not for this invisible field that was just beside the dock. Apparently they felt the need to put it in there. Not sure exactly why. So I died, and immediately thought this would be a fun topic to discuss.

oxxo dies in midair

Oxxo dies in midair!

So let us discuss this. If you have played Warcraft for any length of time, you may have had a few deaths. Some spectacular, some expected. Some, not so much. Tell me your tales. Spare no dirty details. Did you get flamed by Deathwing? Die jumping off a cliff? Simply drown in a pond? Let’s hear it!

oxxo dies in midair2

Another angle of Oxxo’s unspectacular demise!


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