Bears GM search looks like it’s going to be ‘same old’

Last Monday the Bears were one of a few teams who parted ways with their head coach. They also fired their General Manager, Phil Emery who had a big part in leading them down the path to a 5-11 record.

Emery’s moves are well documented and even more scrutinized. While the Bears seemed to be acting swiftly to move on from that regime, they seem to be falling into the same exhaustive pattern they usually get into to figure out who their replacements will be. For now, they only lost out on Jim Harbaugh who was hired as the University of Michigan head coach. Depending on how long they take, they stand to lose out on the top candidates.

My biggest complaint is that, they just did this 2 years ago (3 for GM). You would think they would take the other finalist, and add a couple names on and go from there. Same thing with the head coaches. They had a nice list of 3 or 4, and then went and pick a guy from the CFL who was out of NFL for 9 years.

The other thing that troubles me is, they apparently had no interest in Jim Harbaugh and have no intention of bringing in Rex Ryan for an interview. To me, those were the two best candidates who could turn your program around from day one and make you competitive with your existing talent–even with Jay Cutler at QB.

If it turns out that they hire Chris Ballard (who they were linked and rumored to be interested in) it would seem to be a further waste of time. Unless they are doing some serious behind the scenes maneuvering, and finding out who he wants to have as his HC. Then it would be kind of ingenious–and no one figures the Bears for that. At least until they prove otherwise.

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