Forgotten Tracks: Featuring ‘hair bands’

Hello 2015! Been a little while since I did one of these. Time for more. Going to do this a little different. Usually I concentrate on one artist who has faded a little from our radio stations. This time, I am doing a genre: the hair bands of the mid to late 80’s. Aka: glam rock!

Nelson came in right at the end of the era and like most hair bands, were destroyed by the grunge rock scene that was taking over. This song is a guilty pleasure so there’s that too. (Can’t live without your) Love and affection was there signature hit.

Talk dirty to me– When you think of glam-bands, Poison is probably #1 or #2 on that list. They weren’t the first and they weren’t the last. Take your glam to 11 and you have one of the most iconic hair bands of the decade!

Looks that killMotley Crue was no stranger to the “glam” look. There is a little debate about who started it, but they perfected it.

Back for moreRatt came on the scene with guns–and hair blazing. They certainly gave Poison and Motley Crue runs for their money in style, attitude and glam!

Nobody’s foolCinderella is high up on the “glam” list as well. They had a heavy metal edge to them too.

Knocking on heaven’s doorGuns N’ Roses came in a little later in the decade. They were less glam and almost, a little grungy. This is perhaps why they had some success in the 90s and didn’t immediately fade out.

Mother’s eyesEnuff Z’Nuff was a late player to the game but that didn’t stop them from contributing to the hair band scene. Known more locally in the Chicago area, they rocked and even opened up for Def Leppard when their opening band cancelled.

Love song– Another “transitional” band from hair to just plain rock n roll. They rocked big hair and rocked the crowds.

Down boys– In the mold of Motley Crue and Poison, Warrant was no stranger to big hair.

We’re not gonna take it– More of a metal band, Twisted Sister took glam to a new level–satire. Baby, they did it big. Using Guerrilla tactics, they used their “enemy’s” strengths against them. Er, so to speak. This song was kind of their anthem for that.

Tears are falling– You could say Kiss was one of the pioneers of “glam rock”. They had the makeup and the hair, but when they took it off, they went full glam for a little. They changed their look and their sound and kept rocking on thru the 80s.

Bang your head (Metal health)– Another metal band, with a slightly less impressive collection of hair (hey, it’s not a shot at frontman Kevin DuBrow). They rocked hard and brought the hair to the “headbangers ball”.

Runnin’ with the devil– While Van Halen wasn’t a “glam band”, they certainly had the hair for it. So, enjoy some hair with your metal and a screeching David Lee Roth!

Barracuda– While Heart was around in the 70s and were more of a classic rock/pop band, they adapted well to the glam-rock scene and sported tremendous hair. OK, two of their members were female, but I don’t think that disqualifies them!

Sweet emotion– I would probably be remiss if I didn’t include Aerosmith in the hair band category. They were big players in the 70s rock scene and outlasted many of their glam-rock counterparts of the 80s. Still, they rocked out and sported big hair while doing it.

I’ll be there for youBon Jovi stood toe to toe with any hair band in their day. Like Aerosmith and GNR, they had a lot of success in the 90s and beyond.

That brings this list to it’s conclusion. Not a bad start for 2015. Stay tuned for more Forgotten Tracks!

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