I can fix you: MLB NBA NHL

I was in the bathroom as inspiration hit, like many, I had some quiet time to myself. I started to think that the 82 game season for NBA basketball was too long. If I was commissioner, I would take it down to 70 or even 60 games. Then I was thinking, the All-Star game should be played in the beginning of the season. Here’s why:

All-Star games are exhibition games that don’t take much strategy or planning. So why interrupt the regular season to play them? Why not start out at the beginning of the season? This would be great for Major League Baseball too. They could have 2 weeks of spring training, then meet up for 3-4 days and play each other. Maybe even in other cities. They could pick 2 venues (indoor or warm climate) and have two 3 game series. It would ramp up the season. For MLB, this would be great because there isn’t much going on at the end of February or the early part of March. It would also be great for pitchers, who don’t work many innings early on. It’s really a perfect storm.

For the NBA and NHL it would work too. Put the All-Star games in the preseason as a way to draw interest. They will have more competition with NCAA and NFL football going on. There is a window on Friday and Saturday nights though.

82 games is way too much, as is 162 for baseball. I would shorten all of them by 15-20% and expand the playoffs a week or so (baseball only). The NBA and NHL playoffs are just about right.

So there you go commissioners, I have a plan laid out for you. Feel free to use it!


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