What would your epic class mount be?

This comes partially inspired by Monday’s breakfast topic over at Wow Insider. Matthew Rossi writes,

A legendary shield? Legendary offhand items? A legendary mount or pet? A legendary toybox item? Or could we get even weirder?


What kind of trickery is this? My hunter transformed into a “slime” and riding on his goblin glider!

Which brings me to my topic: What would your epic class mount be?

I mean, if you had to pick a signature mount, what would you give it? A dragon? Something mechanical? Let’s pretend Blizzard announced they were going to roll this program out and over the course of the next expansion, all classes would eventually get their quest and mount. So now, it is on us to pick them!

Paladin and warlocks already have theirs, so we will do their new ones last.

Druid: Now, druids don’t necessarily need mounts–they have forms. Many forms. So how about a new travel form? First of all, there can’t be just one to choose from. This will make things much, much more complicated for the developers. Who cares?!? This will be something epic you will reminisce with your friends about. You will talk lovingly about it to your kids and their kids! Okay, I’m getting a little out of control here. Back on point! For alliance, I would give them a choice between a sprite darter (kind of a mini fey dragon) an eagle, a gryphon, sporebat and an Axebeak. For horde: A wyvern, wind serpent, nether ray and dragon hawk.

Deathknight: There are a couple neat “deathknight” themed mounts in game. They start with Archerus Deathcharger of course. Then there is that undead winged creature you can buy from the Ebon Blade. It looks kind of like a crappy reskin of a gryphon if you ask me (sorry devs). There are also a couple mounts that are rare drops like Invincible and the Frostbrood Vanquisher. I would make a quest in which you befriend a creature, some kind of dragon probably. It would eventually sacrifice itself to save you. At the end of the quest chain, you meet someone who can resurrect it, using part of your life force. I would give the player the option to pick which kind of dragon, the color (which would be muted because it’s dead).

Hunter: Probably the most sought after idea for hunters is to let them go out in the world and tame their own mount. So their epic quest would be to do just that. Too easy. These quests should have to take a calendar year. I’m thinking like What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been–without the holiday and PvP stuff. In addition to that, I would make the player have to tame at least 1 beast a month leading up to the finale. Maybe even capture and egg at some point and hatch it? Or capture a pup and raise it. There would be too many different beasts to choose from. So I will let your imagination run wild.

Mage: I have two perfect mage mounts for my frost mage: The Spectral Steed from Tol Barad and the Blue Proto Drake from Utgarde Pinnacle. Then Mr. Khadgar had to show up in the blasted lands and turn into a fricken black crow. It was perhaps the most bad-ass thing I have seen in WoW, maybe ever. I know more than a few mages drooled and fantasized at the possibility of sometime doing that. Is it a little bit like druid flight form? Yeah. Would it be encroaching on the delicate feelings of druid players? Maybe. Mages can polymorph, so why not a polymorph self? It makes sense to me. New Spell: Polymorph self- Turn into a magical creature. Form lasts for 24 hours. You would be able to turn the form on and off but could not use that form again until you “studied it” and that would take 12 hours with a 12 hour rest period. So, in essence, a 24 hour cool down on that form.

Monk: When monks were introduced they brought with them the pandaren racial mount, which turned out to be a dragon turtle. Mists also introduced Cloud Serpents. One of the ideas some players were kicking around was an Ox and cart. To me, that seems like a cool idea. It’s rustic, it’s slow. Monks are supposed to be balanced and patient. It’s not the sexiest idea, but I think it fits them. To counter the people who will cry that it’s not a flying mount, I would make it a 3 seat mount. The player would sit on the Ox or in the front of the cart and the other players would be in the cart.

Priest: We have floating discs already, probably the perfect mount for a priest–especially a “disc” priest. There is also the Snowy Gryphon. Pure. White. Shadow priests cloak everything in purple so they make everything spec specific. So what is left? Maybe something angelic? There is Tyrael’s Charger or a Celestial Steed. Perhaps something golden. A winged golden Pegasus type mount?

Rogue: I’ve always thought rogues would pick a mount that blended into their surroundings. Something that wouldn’t stick out. Kind of a chameleon type of thing. Now, a giant lizard would probably excite some people. Maybe some kind of wind serpent that changed colors to match their terrain. That might be tricky to pull off but they already have something like that in the Fey Drake.

Shaman: When I think of the shaman I think of the elements they have a bond to. I think it would be appropriate to have that raw energy carry them. Maybe transform them into lightning or a ball of fire that soars across the sky. There are already Firehawks and Blazing Hippogryphs. They have the “floating eye” mechanic already in the game for warlocks. All they would need to do is spruce it up a little. Of course they could create something totally different.

Warrior: Warriors are all metal and stone. They will bash you with anything they can. Their mount should resemble that. It should be big and solid. There are three choppers now in the game. There are endless horses. Engineering has flying machines. The alliance or horde choppers are probably fitting for warriors. I would like to see some kind of tank tread, armored and studded, maybe like two of them, with a pod in between. Sort of a mini-tank. Since it’s a ground only mount, I would give it a 2 player capacity.

Paladin: They already have a class mount (or three). There are also many mounts suited for the holy warriors. Tyrael’s charger, various steeds. There is even an Argent Hippogryph. When I think of paladins, I tend to think of shiny metal armor. Silver buffed and polished so bright it glows. I would make a silver armored hawk or gryphon for the alliance and a gold armored one for the horde.

Warlock: The Felsteed is pretty cool. The Headless Horseman’s mount is pretty neat too–if you can get it. Why wouldn’t they summon a demon though to fly them around? A gargoyle or something of the like. Another option would be for the Felsteed and Dreadsteed to fly leaving a trail of fire in their wake. Kind of like what they do with the glyph of nightmares over water.

So how about you guys? What would you like to see as your epic class mount? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!


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One Response to What would your epic class mount be?

  1. repgrind says:

    re: Khadgar and the crow – he probably learned that from Medivh (who has done that many times in lore) when he was his apprentice. So it’s already an established mage thing in lore and makes perfect sense, no matter what druids might say.

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