Bears options at QB if they move on from Cutler

Things are changing in the Windy City. On Friday the Bears hired John Fox, finalizing the transition from Emery/Trestman to Pace/Fox. Which brings up wild speculation as to what other changes are to come. One of the biggest questions is: will Jay remain the Bears QB?

There are a couple QBs out there who have my immediate interest. Kirk Cousins is on the top of my list. He is currently in Washington but may or may not be in their plans for the future. If I could get him for a reasonable price, I would. My #2 option would probably be Mike Glennon down in Tampa Bay. They will most likely be drafting Marcus Mariota in the 2015 NFL draft. Glennon will probably be cut or be available for a low round draft pick.

Matt Barkley is another name. Currently he is 3rd on the Eagles depth chart. Not sure how much he factors into their plans.

Terrelle Pryor is a QB I actually thought the Bears might take a shot at when he got cut from the Raiders. I know he is raw and would be a project but he can run and he can throw.

Jake Locker didn’t work out too well in Tennessee but most of that was due to durability issues. I’m not sure how much of that has to do with bad luck and lack of a solid line. He shouldn’t have a high price tag on the free agent market.

There are also many prospects coming out in the 2015 draft. One guy I am particularly interested in is Washington State senior QB Conner Halliday. He is recovering from a broken ankle, but that just might play into the Bears hand. He might have been a top 5 pick if he hadn’t. He could be the diamond in this year’s rough. If he overcomes his injury he will have the mental and physical toughness you need to excel in the NFL.

Bottom line: The Bears hired a head coach that is known for hiring strong coordinators. The rumors right now have Adam Gase and Kyle Shanahan in the running. Both should be able to work with Cutler or be ready to move on, if need be.


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