Hearthstone 101: The hunter

I’m not going to lie, the hunter will be tough with just basic cards. A lot of their really nice cards are common and rare. Still, we can make do. Plus the hunter has one of the better hero powers: 2 damage to the enemy player.

I built this deck with Beast synergy in mind. Even though with basic cards only, I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted. Still, there are some decent options for brand new hunters.

2 each of the following:

0 manaHunter’s Mark: A must have in any hunter deck, Pretty devastating to take that 8/8 taunt down to 1 health and kill it with a boar (or any other 1/1 minion).

1 manaStonetusk Boar: A 1/1 minion with charge. Can be combo’d with the above mentioned Hunter’s Mark spell or with the Houndmaster to make a 3/3 minion with taunt and charge.

2 manaAcidic Swamp Ooze: This 3/2 minion has a Battlecry that destroys your enemy’s weapon. It’s not a beast, but it gets the job done when you need it.

Bloodfen Raptor: A 3/2 beast. Nothing fancy.

3 manaAnimal Companion: I’m a little surprised this spell never got nerfed. It summons a random beast. It could be a 4/2 boar with charge, a 2/4 bird of prey with a +1 attack for all friendly minions or a 4/4 bear with taunt.

Kill Command: A very nice spell that does 3 damage to an enemy or 5 if you have a beast on board. Pop a minion or the enemy hero.

Ironfur Grizzly: A 3/3 beast with taunt. Straightforward. No nonsense.

4 manaMulti-Shot: A spell that does 3 damage to two random enemy minions. Funny how it works out, especially early. Boom! You just cleared the opponent’s board.

Houndmaster: One of the cooler basic hunter minions with a Battlecry that grants a friendly beast +2/+2 and taunt. Not too shabby.

Oasis Snapjaw: A 2/7 beast. Not too exciting on it’s own, but combo that with the Houndmaster and now you are looking at a 4/9 beast with taunt.

5 manaStarving Buzzard: Still really don’t like this nerfed version but it is what it is–which is a 3/2 beast that draws you a card for every beast you play.

Stormpike Commando: This 4/2 minion packs a little punch, doing 2 damage to a minion or player. I’m big on versatility and this card has it for just 5 mana.

Tundra Rhino: A 2/5 beast that gives all your beasts charge, including this guy. Pretty deadly, especially later in the game.

6 manaReckless Rocketeer: I pretty much consider this a one-use minion. Almost like a spell. This 5/2 minion has charge and can pummel your opponent or crash into a minion, as you see fit!

7 manaStormwind Champion: A hearty minion at 6/6 that boosts your other minions by +1/+1. It’s a nice minion but is basically a placeholder until you get something like the Savannah Highmane.

The first cards I would probably swap out when you get upgrades would be the Oasis Snapjaw and Ironfur Grizzly. You can run Naxxramas and pick up extra cards, but that will cost you gold or real world cash. It does have a nice 1/1 minion in there and the Mad Scientist, which is useful when you get some traps and want to put those into your decks. I have a nice version of the Mad Trapper deck, which I have managed to get down to rank 14 with. It’s a very solid deck for ranked play. Not sure what the current flavor of the month is.

So that is that. The basic hunter deck. A good intro deck to kick the tires with and hopefully earn some new cards.

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