The Ultimate Smashing Pumpkins list

I will be honest, I got onto The Smashing Pumpkins a little late. Like many bands and some movies, I wasn’t buying the hype. I should have. Sure I liked “Today” and thought it was cool. It wasn’t until the mid 90s when I started taking guitar lessons, that I had more appreciation for the band. Even after that, it would be a few years until I really got into them. I was fortunate to see them live once at the infamous Aaragon “Brawl” Ballroom in Chicago. So here is my tribute to the band I would come to know and love.

Tonight, tonight- The epic song and video from one of their most successful albums.

Mayonaise– My all time favorite Pumpkins song. To me, captures the essence and innocence of what the band was all about. It’s pure. It comes through in the music.

Cherub rock– A raw and classic–iconic song and sound from the famous band.

1979– Another great song from the crew. This song reminds me of driving at night. Quietly. The radio on. Tuning everything else out. Except the radio of course.

Bullet with butterfly wings– Like Led Zeppelin, this one one of the songs I had no idea what the name was for a long time. I always called it the “rat in a cage” song.

Never let me down again– This Pumkins cover of the Depeche Mode classic, is classic. I like them both pretty much equally.

Thirty-Three– Kinder, gentler Pumpkins. Kind of hear a tiny bit of “Disarm” with the acoustic guitar strumming, quietly. Such a pretty song. Very atmospheric. Intoxicating.

Today– From the first time I saw the video, I liked the song. It was catchy. It was poppy–with an edge. The video came out when MTV was still playing videos regularly.

Ava Adore– It wasn’t until this album came out that I really got into the band. This was the first Pumpkins CD that I bought when it was released.

Disarm– A very “mature” song, both in music and lyrics. The use of classical music instruments with Billy Corgan’s vocals is very powerful. A glimpse of what would be forthcoming.

To Sheila– The first track on the Adore CD, this song boldly, yet quietly, says “we are going off in another direction”. One I happened to really like. I wasn’t tied down by all the band had previously put out.

Rocket– Fully loaded with the Pumpkins signature guitar sound. Almost hypnotic. Blast off into the Pumpkinsphere!

Raindrops + sunshine– Kind of a lesser known song, as it came out near the end of the Pumpkins reign.

Crestfallen– A dark and brooding song. Reminds me of so many different Pumpkins songs. Whether it is a lyric or melody.

Perfect– One of my favorites. I have a lot of good memories the year this song came out. Reminds me of my trip to NY that summer.

Stand inside your love– By the time “Machina” came out, I was fully into the Pumpkins. This song was almost a return to their glory days, as much as that could be. Let’s call it a mesh between the old and new.

Zero– An ‘in your face’ rock anthem that would have stood up in any decade. An awesome driving song, I may add. Don’t hear this on the radio that much anymore, which is a crime.

Muzzle– reminds me a lot of Cherub Rock. Much guitar. Very Pumpkins. Kind of ‘stripped down’ but in a pure way. Them basically saying, “hey man, we are still here and we are still going to kick your ass”. Yeah.

Appels + Oranjes– A lesser known track from the Adore album. One of my favorites. Didn’t get much airplay, but I am cool with that.

I, of the mourning– Somewhere between electronica and alternative rock, this beautiful song was born. “hard core” Pumpkins fans might not like it, but I do. I adore it.

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