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Cheap Trick needs to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

So let’s get them there! It’s been long overdue. I’m not going to trash any bands/artists who got in and maybe weren’t as worthy, enough snubbing people! So tweet it out, get the message across on Facebook. Tell your neighbors, … Continue reading

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Bold Predictions: Chicago Cubs edition

Pitchers and catchers reported on the 19th of February. Most of the midwest is still buried under tons of snow and ice. Winter’s grasp will begrudgingly loosen it’s hold and give way to some warmer weather. What better time than … Continue reading

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Does Blizzard play ‘fair’ with game design?

The goal of any good game, especially an MMO, is to keep you playing. Even more so when they can happily charge you a monthly fee to do so. They want you logging in, usually daily, to keep you entertained … Continue reading

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Hearthstone 101: The paladin

I like the paladin, especially early on in my Hearthstone career. Probably because you had a nice crutch with 24 additional health through spells and minions. Their basic cards are not as sexy as the mage or hunter, and neither … Continue reading

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Chicago sports hit with double whammy

Bad night for Chicago sports on Tuesday. First, Blackhawks top scorer Patrick Kane is involved in an awkward collision and hurts his shoulder and wrist. The severity is not known (to the public) but murmurs of him being out 7-10 … Continue reading

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Walking Dead Weekly

Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! Last night’s episode, The distance, was an excellent one on many levels. Questions were answered, people were evolving and growing, no one died! Before we get started though– ****Spoilers Ahead**** This is how the … Continue reading

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A tribute to days of the week

That’s right. This week I decided to take a look at songs that were about a particular day of the week. If you follow me on twitter, you probably know I like to tweet out certain songs on their appropriate … Continue reading

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