Why the Bulls should trade Derrick Rose

I’m fine with treating the former NBA MVP with kid gloves when it comes to his injury. I’m fine with knowing he is probably another injury away from missing significant time. I am done with his piss-poor attitude and him “saving himself” for after basketball.

2 years ago, Derrick Rose could do nothing wrong, could say nothing wrong. He had an iron will and the toughness to match. Then he tore up his knee and everything changed. We bought-in to “the comeback” and couldn’t wait until he proved he was indeed, the man of steel. So we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Rose refused to play through the pain and go through the rehab like many others do. Even though he practiced every day with the team. He took contact. He went an entire summer without playing basketball. Started playing again in the preseason. 11 games into the regular season, he tore the MCL in his “good” knee. He shut it down for the season. This time at least he didn’t string anyone along. All injuries and all people are different. Even though many players have come back from an MCL in the same season, he chose not too.

In the summer of 2014, Derrick played with the world basketball team and looked great. He was explosive like he used to be. Many said he was back in his MVP form. Once the season started though, it was more of the same. Because Rose failed to go through his rehab and play, he was experiencing the setbacks he would have had much earlier. What bothers me is his flippant comments about saving his body for after basketball. Really? The Bulls are paying him over $100 million dollars to perform. This isn’t the NFL where your life really will be shortened.

Recently, Rose said he was “picking and choosing” his spots to exert himself in games. This was pretty much my last straw. Would Michael Jordan do that? How about Shaq? Kobe Bryant? What would Charles Barkley do? Barkley has been hard on the young superstar. I’m starting to think the kid deserves the criticism and possibly–to be traded. The Bulls have went out and built a nice team around him. Pao Gasol and Nikola Mirotic have been nice additions and are playing well. Joakim Noah is battling through his own knee injury. Jimmy Butler is developing into an All-Star.

Rose has more talent than he has ever had and still feels inclined to throw up 3 pointer after 3 pointer. A couple games he had 1 assist to go with 11 turnovers. 1. Assist. That’s not good for a point guard. You generally want it the other way around. Derrick needs to find his groove–and fast.

I’m sure there is more than one team out there that wouldn’t mind the services of Rose. Perhaps a city with a duller spotlight shined on it. Where the cruel media won’t badger Rose’s now fragile ego. There are all kinds of rumors swirling around about Tom Thibodeau and his future as the Bulls Head coach, which I find disturbing and sad. Thibs deserves the chance to coach a team where it’s superstar actually plays.

If the Bulls don’t make it deep in the playoffs, and Rose can’t figure out how to play with the talent they put on the court, things are going to change. If it were me, I’d be moving on from him and doing everything to keep Thibs, one of the best coaches in the league.

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