Hello Blizzard Watch!

Last week was a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts as Warcraft fans found out that one of their favorite sites was being disbanded. Shut down by their corporate overlords, because they lacked the insight and ability to run things higher up. We then were given hints from Alex, the Editor-in-chief of WoW Insider, that all things were not as dark as they seemed. He and his co-captain, Adam Holisky had something planed. The proverbial “ace in the hole”. Well,

Blizzard Watch

Welcome to Blizzard Watch!

Welcome to Blizzard Watch! Call it a reboot, a rebirth, call it whatever you want. It’s up, alive and kicking. They already have over $6k on their way to the $8k minimum needed to fully fund the site. WoW Insider fans have already flooded the site (including crashing it for a few moments).

They still need patrons and are shooting for $10k, in order to have deluxe class columns, even better than they used to! So, stop on by and check out the new digs. It’s comfy. It will feel like home for longtime fans. It’s totally brilliant!

You can become a Blizzard Watch backer at this site.

Edit: First goal achieved! Second goal achieved of $9k/month. Currently $11.3K/month!

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