Valentine’s haiku: Warcraft style

Having a bit of fun today over at The Queue. Going to post these there. One of the many things I learned over the years was how to haiku–Warcraft style. Enjoy!

Moira Valentine

Image by Robyn Turner, @Razwick82.


Had a date last year

The Hobbit on New Year’s Eve

Ended with a kiss


No date yet this year

Going to play WoW all night

Drink beer and run stuff


Ulduar- my heart

Karazhan holds my soul tight

Let’s play WoW tonight!


Murlocs and kobolds

Dance in Elwynn’s lush forest

Hogger says hello


Dearest Rebecca

Black is your heart and last name

Which seat can I take?


A-o-L, thank you

Incompetence granted us

A way cooler site!


Red roses, red blade

A dagger slips between ribs

Perfect date–a rogue



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