Walking Dead Weekly

Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! Tonight’s episode, “Them” was another good one. I think it was still a little bit slow, but they are ramping things up. The beginning of season 5 really spoiled me as far as action goes. Before we get started…

****Spoilers Ahead****

There was a lot of symbolism in this episode, and some literal push and pull. My worst fears with Sasha seem like they are coming true, hopefully her scene with Maggie at the end of the show brings her back a little.

The group is at their lowest point, perhaps their breaking point. Nothing illustrated that more than the scene where they were being trailed by walkers for miles. Finally, when they came to a bridge with a sloping landscape, they lured walkers to it and pushed them down the hill. Pretty smart actually. Maggie and Daryl finally got to deal with the loss of Beth. The group ran into a pack of wild dogs, and did what most people probably would have done, killed them and ate them. Sasha quickly sniped them, in kind of a cold-blooded calm-rage. I thought it was pretty efficient and probably a lot cleaner than it would have been had they tried to take them down with blades. During the feast, Gabriel takes off his priest collar and tosses it into the fire. Then chows down on some dog. That was not lost on me. I think he is finally accepting that in the “zombie apocalypse” he may have to get his hands a little dirty.

There was this showdown with Sasha and Michonne, more of a stare-down, after Sasha went rogue on some of the bridge walkers. Michonne told Sasha to “knock it off”. It looked for a moment that this was something that might boil into something. By the end of the episode, I think Sasha comes to grips with her rage, at least for the immediate future.

Daryl and Carol have a nice moment in the forest. Looked they they were going to get closer and then she kissed him–on the forehead. He also had a nice moment alone, outside a barn, where he stopped to smoke a cigarette. I liked how he put it out on his hand. I took it as he was trying to make himself feel something, even if it was pain. It lead to a few tears.

Then there was the rain. Prayers answered? The collective tears of the group? Or like Rick said, it has to rain sooner or later. Would have liked to seen them collect more of it.

Another stranger in the midst: at show’s end, a stranger appears to Maggie and Sasha. Pretty much just walks up out of nowhere. He asks to speak to their leader, “Rick”. Many flags pop up for me here, all of them red. If you watched talking dead, you know it was brought up that he was so clean. This would signify to me, he has a group of well armed folks. They also must have some kind of shelter like Woodbury or Terminus. Not necessarily an evil stronghold, but somewhere he can keep safe and clean. He also knows Rick’s name. Which is really kind of creepy. How many people that are still living know Rick? Morgan does, but the last time we saw Morgan, he was walking around the church and he was flying solo. The people at the crazy hospital know Rick, they were way back in Atlanta. Was someone stalking the group? Listening in to get info? Can’t wait to see.

Zombie kill of the week: Nothing stood out really. A lot of stabbing. Some shooting. Probably the most unique “disposal” was when they pushed them off the bridge. So, I will give a joint effort to the group for coming up with this low risk-low energy method.

Questions: Where is Morgan? Is he still in Atlanta? Did he follow the group to Washington? Does he have his own group? Is Gabriel in transition? We saw him get rid of his priest collar. Will he keep his faith? Sasha, Maggie and Daryl seemed to have processed their losses, will they be better now going forward? The biggest question: Who is this new dude and what does he want with the group? Was he the one who left the water in the middle of the road? Season looks like it just got very juicy, very quickly.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment. Tune back in next week for another episode of Walking Dead Weekly!

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