Imagine: Leveling perks

Welcome back to Imagine. It’s been too long! I thought I would take a little time and think about what would make it really cool along the way to level. Especially for people on their first trip to the level cap.


An old-school screen shot of the dark portal, pre-Warlords of Draenor.

Level 10- Has some neat things going on. You pick your spec. You might get a few new spells. How about a temporary mount? Something you can use for a few hours, that would give you a taste of what it’s like when you finally hit 20. They can even make a neat little quest.

Level 20- You get the ability to train to use a mount. How about a portal–or better yet, your very own mage to come give you a port back to your starter capital so you can train and purchase your first mount. I know it wouldn’t be a big deal your 2nd time through, but your first time, would be neat.

Level 30- Unlocks dual spec, but as a new player, is this even an interest? How about a leveling scenario or a couple quests that accent it? It could be a way to open players up to new ideas and possibly new roles.

Level 40- Faster ground travel is nice. How about a few quests that ask you to go off to different parts of Azeroth. I always liked those. Maybe even some kind of escort quest (not those old silly ones) to guide an NPC or player somewhere. They can even give you a temporary two player mount to get it done.

Level 50- A temporary flying mount. Perhaps a potion or a transform (like the reindeer) that can give your mount wings. Again, it would be a limited duration, perhaps an hour or two.

Level 60- You get flight. How about an epic weapon or armor? Something you really get to customize, not just pick from a few that are given to you. They could make an epic quest chain. Something that doesn’t require you jumping into LFD to complete. Maybe even make a scenario for it?

These are just a few ideas I had rolling around in the vast space that is my mind. Hope you liked it. As always, feel free to leave a comment in the space down under!

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