Should you be able to wear lesser armor without penalty?

Was reading The Queue last Friday (that’s right it’s still going!) and commenter EWOKinLA brought up that his avitar pic had mail on it even though she was a paladin and it reminded me about my stance on armor: There is no real reason a class shouldn’t be able to downgrade without penalty. Especially plate to mail, mail to leather, and leather to cloth.

Valanora ebon hold

ValanorĂ¡ in her “plate” robes.

Warcraft’s stance on the matter was one of: We don’t want everyone running around with robes. Yet, they made some Death Knight armor that was in fact plate that looks like robes. It’s actually pretty popular with some players.

I say that is hogwash. Mail is actually beneficial in some situations, especially for mobility. You wouldn’t want to take a long journey in full plate. It would be hard on your mount and you might fall off because you are so top heavy. Also, what if you have to go to the bathroom? That would be a huge pain. Yes, mail and leather would be more accomodating for sure.

Then there is aesthetics: For my hunter, I can’t find a whole lot of mail, but there are some really nice hunter looks. Hunters should be mobile. They should wear scale or leather in the first place.

If they really wanted to, they could give you maybe a 1-2% buff for certain armor. Say, you get haste for down grading 1 level, the armor bonus for your normal level and no bonus for anything below. Especially with the armor technology they have in place, where the stats can change with your spec. I think it’s time for this archaic restriction to go away. What say you?

Feel free to leave a comment in the space below!

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