A tribute to days of the week

That’s right. This week I decided to take a look at songs that were about a particular day of the week. If you follow me on twitter, you probably know I like to tweet out certain songs on their appropriate day of the week.

Stone Temple Pilots sing about all the days of the week, so who better than them to kick things off?

Manic Monday– If you are 30-50, you have probably heard this song on the radio and either love it or hate it. It’s been played a lot. It still get’s some airplay on stations that do 80s songs.

I don’t like Monday’s– Oh, those Boomtown Rats! I thought this song was by Elvis Costello for the longest time. That’s another column though!

Blue Monday– Monday gets a bad wrap as far as days of the week go. This is one of New Order’s iconic songs, so deal with it!

Tuesday’s Gone– I didn’t actually know this song until Metallica covered it. Then I heard the original when stations started playing it again. I dig them both. I think I like the original, just a slight bit better.

Ruby Tuesday– An iconic Rolling Stones song. Not necessarily about the day of the week, but hey, they put the name in the title, so there.

Wednesday morning 3 AM– I had to really dig for this Simon and Garfunkel song. It’s not my speed, but it’s not too bad.

Waiting for Wednesday– I vaguely remember this song being played by the spectacled singer-songstress, Lisa Loeb. It’s peppy.

Thursday’s child– Not sure why this song didn’t get much play on mainstreem radio stations. I dig it. Maybe, I am listening to the wrong stations?

Friday I’m in love– The Cure probably secures this day with their appropriately named tune.

Friday Night– Classic 80s rock from Vandenberg. This song always puts me in a good state of mind.

Saturday Night!– The Bay City Rollers used to have their own show on Saturday Night. It was majestic. I watched it as a wee lad.

Saturday night’s alright (for fighting)– Elton John performs the classic anthem for this day.

Sunday Bloody Sunday– Sometimes the day of the week isn’t particularly going as well as planned. U2 sings about one of these such times. Still a great song.

Everyday is like Sunday– Morrissey is not particularly fond of this day. I don’t mind a silent or grey day. They are great for watching football or napping. Or both!

So there we go. Some of the classic songs with days of the week in their title.

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3 Responses to A tribute to days of the week

  1. other J.K (with hair) says:

    Missed some classics, Sam Cooke ~ “Another Saturday night”
    Fleetwood Mack ~ “Monday Morning”
    Mamas and the Papas ~ “Monday Monday”
    Lynyrd Skynyrd ~ “Saturday night Special” (OK thats about a gun rather then the day of the week) and “Tuesdays Gone” (but that was the name of a girl)
    Chicago ~ “Saturday in the Park”
    Carpenters ~ “Rainy days and Mondays”
    Monkeys ~”Pleasant Valley Sunday”

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