Chicago sports hit with double whammy

Bad night for Chicago sports on Tuesday. First, Blackhawks top scorer Patrick Kane is involved in an awkward collision and hurts his shoulder and wrist. The severity is not known (to the public) but murmurs of him being out 7-10 weeks have been escaping. Then news broke from the Chicago Bulls that Derrick Rose re-tore the meniscus he had surgically repaired in 2013.

With Kane, there is at least some hope he comes back for the playoffs. How effective will he be after a long span off, remains to be seen. Kaner is a pretty tough guy for his size and NHL players often give 100% no matter how injured they are. That’s just the way NHL hockey is played.

For Derrick Rose, this has to be a huge blow for an already skittish psyche. I said earlier in the year that I would trade Rose, short of an appearance in the NBA Finals. There is pretty much no way he gets traded now. He struggled to average 18 points this year as he was playing his way back into shape after basically 2 years off.

I genuinely feel bad for the guy. He doesn’t deserve this. If he comes back though, he needs to shed the kid gloves and go all out. All of his injuries have come with no contact. The Bulls probably put the best team around Derrick this season, and may still be able to make some noise in the playoffs. They clearly need to move on from him going forward.

It’s funny how things work in sports, the Cubs and Sox look to be entering into promising seasons for 2015. After a miserable 2014 for the Bears, 2015 looks to be headed in a nice direction with a new GM and head coach. “Tuesday’s gone” as Lynyrd Skynyrd so eloquently put it. Now both clubs have to move on and hope they have enough to get into the playoffs, where anything could happen.

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