Bold Predictions: Chicago Cubs edition

Pitchers and catchers reported on the 19th of February. Most of the midwest is still buried under tons of snow and ice. Winter’s grasp will begrudgingly loosen it’s hold and give way to some warmer weather. What better time than to make a few predictions for the upcoming baseball season?

Video contains explicit lyrics that may be NSFW

Jake Arrieta will have the lowest ERA among Cubs starters, at the All-Star break–despite signing John Lester.

Javy Baez will lead the team in home runs. I believe it will be Baez and not Soler or Bryant who will have the breakout season. He’s still going to strike out plenty.

Anthony Rizzo will not need the supplemental vote to get into the All-Star game. The young superstar will be among leaders in votes.

The Cubs will not have a losing record in any month in the regular season. That’s right. .500 or better! Playoffs? I want to say yes, but I don’t want to jinx the team like I did with the Bears.

Do you have any bold predictions about the Cubs or your favorite baseball team? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!


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