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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. This week’s episode, “Remember” was another very solid issue. There wasn’t much action but man, there were feels, subtext, and a showdown. Before we get started though…

****Spoilers Ahead****

The episode starts out right where we left the adventurers last week–sort of. They kind of pulled a fast one and added 2 scenes (or took them out of last week’s ending). One shot of a person looking out of her window and Daryl shooting a possum and declaring “we brought dinner”. I understand totally why they did it, they wanted to leave us on edge and guessing. It started what was possibly the 2nd best episode next to the Season 5 premier. I feel like I said this before, but this was a damn good installment.

Our heroes turn in their weapons and one by one get to meet Deanna. The matriarch of the community known as, “Alexandria”. The fact that they name it that creeps me out a little. Deanna creeps me out a little. The fact that she is video recording each one of these interviews is a huge red flag. Oh, by the way, she reveals she was a “congress person” and if not for that, would be a professional poker player. **RED FLAG waiving** Serious concerns.

Rick’s interview was wonderful. So many feels. I genuinely felt sad to see how close he is to being lost emotionally. He is most distrustful of the situation and rightfully so. My take on the recordings is so Deanna can study the film. She admitted to being A+ at reading people so she could save those in case she needs to work an angle later. One thing Deanna didn’t mention was what happened to her husband. She said she exiled 3 men. Was he one of them? She seems like the type that would sacrifice a loved one for the “greater good” of the community.

When the group moved into their house and started cleaning up, it reminded me of Season one finale, “TS-19” when they got to the CDC and got to clean up. You felt safe for them. It’s funny. I don’t get that feeling now. Too much has happened. The Beard is gone! So weird to see Rick’s face again. Yes. He has a face!

It was nice to see the group was making friends. Especially Carl. I totally see something going down between him and Enid who is about the same age. I can also see a lot of friction going down. After all, they are teens and Carl has been on the road for a while. Rick seems to have an admirer (Jessie) which her husband made a point to tell Rick his wife cut his hair. I’m still waiting for Rick and Michonne to hook up. While this new woman is attractive, she is no Michonne.

Then there was the showdown. After the golden boy, Aidan, showed some members “the ropes” on how to do runs their way. It ended up in Tara almost getting bit by a walker and Glen putting his knife in the walker’s skull. Sparks flew when the group got back inside the confines of “Alexandria”. Aidan challenged Glen and got “knocked on his ass”, literally. While this was going down, Carl watched Enid climb the fence and head out on a stroll. Carl followed and met up with Rick who was checking on the abandoned house he left his gun at. He found the gun was missing. My theory is that either Enid or Morgan found it. I put a slight edge on the girl because she seems quite curious and resourceful.

Questions: Is “Alexandria” for real? Is Deanna who she says she is? I’m starting to think she is working on some kind of post-apocalyptic social experiment. Handing out jobs, putting people in their place. She seems to be more of a psychologist rather than a politician. I’m a little worried about Daryl, who seems to be pulling into his shell and acting like caged lion. After Rick and Michonne get made “constables”, he seems to go off in a huff. Perhaps he is one of the only ones thinking straight. Carol has her doubts too, but is playing along.

Aidan could be the first one of the first Alexandrites to die or he could turn out to respect the group. That should be interesting to watch develop. Rick drops a bombshell at the end of the show and basically says, “If they can’t make it work, they will take Alexandria” /drops mic. Whoa. I’m really hoping no one was listening in on that. Once again, not having read the comics, I have no idea where the story goes next. Where is Morgan?

Zombie kill of the week: During father and son bonding, Rick and Carl took down a handful of walkers. It was so nice to see. Rick hands Carl a 4′ pipe and he buries it in a walkers skull. It was a beautiful moment.

Wow. That was a lot to go through. Hope you enjoyed this installment as much as I did. See you next week!

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4 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other J.K. says:

    Me thinks Deanna and the rest of the people are not bad, just naive and the only reason they have made it this long s pure luck and the fact, as Deanna mentioned most of the state was evacuated, that means a lot less people to turn into walkers and a lot less weirdo society’s like Terminus or dictatorships like Woodbury or “wolf packs” like the ‘I claim it’ bunch. Aidan and the other guys careless handling of the walker are a good example of their naivety.
    I think these people are weak, which maybe Deanna is the only one, or one of a few, that realizes that thus sending out scouting parties to find more people with skills they need (fighters/survivors). Aaron said it himself last week in the barn “people are the most important resource”.
    I also think Enid got the gun, seems logical since she seems to be taking off regularly on her own. Probably saw Rick hide it, remember Carl saw her in the window of the house just outside the gate.
    BTW Some people thing the gun Aidans partner (Nick I think) handed Tara was the gun Rick stashed in the blender….nope thats a red herring. He put a Glock 19 (probably a prop gun as the trigger and slide release dont look like any Glocks I’ve ever seen (also checked their web site, none match those two pieces), and the gun handed to Tara was an FN 5.7.
    Small, small possibility Morgan got it BUT, he only knew thats the city they were going, not specifically where, the D.C. are is quite large and he’d have no idea where the “Rick family” would be, heck, they didn’t even know until 2-3 days earlier they were going to Alexandria.

    I like how Ricks speech in his interview “…people are always judging you by what they can get from you…” etc is also exactly what he seems to be doing. Not in an evil or sinister “Governor” like way but rather in a ‘if thats what we have to do to survive, thats what we’re gonna do’ way. He wont senselessly kill or mistreat them but just push them out of the way and say, “now I’M DA BOSS, got it!’ way. I think too in that scene we saw the top three in the ‘family’, Rick obviously, and as smart as Mishonne is, as well as Glen are, Darryl and Carol are, IMHO the only other ones with the mindset to think that and do it when appropriate. Abraham maybe but I think he’d maybe jump the gun and want to take over too quickly, he would definitely back up Rick though for sure.

    I think Carols interview was friggen AWSOME, perfectly played, ‘ohhhh, I’m like their den mother and in return they protect me’ LOL, Carol Peletier the tough survivor walker (and crazy girl) killer dons her secret identity “Carol Brady” the happy home maker. Oh yeah, she’s gonna get privy to inside information.

    Some thing they either screwed up on or maybe it’s there for a reason, Deanna’s husband is/was an architect but couldn’t orientate the fence correctly? What idiot would put the angled supports on the OUTSIDE of the fence? Also, in two years no one has figured out they should clear a 100 yard perimeter clear fire zone around the fence? Really! They have houses and tress/brush almost right up to it in some spots. Granted the state being cleared/evacuated didn’t leave many walkers or scumbag marauder gangs but still, it would be real easy to spy on the community gathering intel then easily scale or even knock down the fence.
    Hmmm, what if Enid is a mole sent in by some bad people and when she sneaks out she’s passing on info?!?!?!?! Could be the three people (or one of the 3) Deanna exiled was part of her group and she is just taking them food.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Most interesting. I was confused by Carol’s interview until I watched Talking dead. It didn’t dawn on me she was playing Deanna until they mentioned it. It is classic. Not only that, she’s going to be cooking for a lot of people so she will no doubt pick up all kinds of info. Very stealth. Can’t wait for next week.

  2. jdpatrick says:

    Great insights on this terrific drama … adapted for television. I have read nearly all of the graphic novels, and have been an avid fan of the ‘Romero paradigm’ of zombie movie / books.
    That said, I had two brief mentions about this week’s episode, “Remember”. Firstly, in the novels, Deanna’s character was male. As the TV series has done gender-reversal several times (with respect to the novels), that is in itself not surprising. It just makes for a different dynamic between the Alexandria leader and Rick. A net positive in my book.
    Second, the speech that Rick gave near the end was straight from the novels. The panel on “Talking Dead” seemed troubled by it, but it was fully in character for Rick Grimes. Not that he WANTS to be in charge, but if the current leadership shows systemic weakness that threatens the survival of “our group”, then he is ready to provide that top-down strength for the sake of everyone’s survival.
    Also, a few asides. Michonne is GREAT. Carol’s “Mrs. Cleaver” persona is a stroke of genius – and not in the novels at all (bravo!). The set design of ‘Alexandria’ is a bit different than the novels, and that can be both good and bad. Also, Darryl is the wild card. His character archtype is not in the novels – there is no baseline for his behavior. Again, a net positive for the show.
    Well, those are my take-aways from the recent episode. I’ve thought way too much about the zombie plague paradigm these past fifteen years, and I have not yet run out of steam. Like all of you, I eagerly await the next episode of “The Walking Dead”.

    P.S. I also play World of Warcraft, and have never been able to play an undead character (called “Forsaken”) for more than a short time. This might be part of the reason. And … I am OK with that. 🙂

    • oxxo910 says:

      Thanks for the comment! I have been a relative newcomer to the series. I kind of stayed away because all of the hype but it totally lives up to it. I just started blogging about it with the start of season 5, and this is one of my favorite posts to do. Can’t get enough. I want to read the comics at some point–although I can’t imagine it without Mr. Dixon!

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