Remember when ‘pop’ was fun?

I do! Since the ’80s there has been a real lack of fun in modern popular music. Artists like Katy Perry and Fun are among the few that still have it.

It all started out when I tweeted “Run Runaway” from the band called Slade. It got me thinking, man I missed songs like this. Kind of an anthem. There were some in the 90s, including “Standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand” by Primitive Radio Gods and “Tub Thumping” by Chumbawamba. With a name like Chumbawamba, that says it all.

Safety Dance– One of the most popular songs of the decade sings about love and dancing. It captured the spirit of the 80s in only a few minutes!

Hungry like the Wolf– There was no bigger band in the 80s than Duran Duran and this was probably their most popular song. Simon LeBon flipping a table. Yeah, that was done way back then. It’s not some modern internet meme.

The rain– Oran “juice” Jones has one of the most fun videos of the 80s. The video and the song are just amazing.

Somebody’s watching me– Rockwell teams up with Michael Jackson to tell a tale of paranoia. It’s funny. Maybe a little creepy.

Girls just wanna have fun– Cyndi Lauper captured the 80s with her costumes and style and had a pretty great voice as well.

U can’t touch this– A little later on in the decade, MC Hammer dropped this rap/pop crossover on us. You either loved it or you hated it. You can’t deny a lot of people enjoyed it.

Down Under- Our friends from Australia were getting into the act. Men at Work made a lot of noise with this hit. Always fun videos from this crew.

Simply irresistable– Robert Palmer came back to the pop scene and brought his look-alike dancers in short skirts. They were such a hit they were in “Addicted to love” too.

All night long (all night)– Lionel Ritchie gave us this party anthem. It’s kind of low key and relaxed but it is all about fun.

Hot hot hot– About the direct opposite is Buster Poindexter and his flamboyant style. He is equally all about fun, but he’s a little more excited about it.

Don’t worry be happy– Bobby McFerrin threw his hat in the pop scene with this upbeat anthem. Take all your stress, roll it up in a ball, and bounce it away! You might recognize one of the actors as a young Robin Williams. You would be right!

Karma Chameleon– Couldn’t be an 80s pop list without Culture Club. No way! You are tapping your foot along with this. I know you are!

Take on me– One of the most iconic videos of the decade will not be excluded. A-ha got many people talking with this, “comic book-come to life” video.

You can call me Al– I leave you with this tune from Paul Simon, who has a very famous co-star along side him. In case your memory is a little fuzzy or you are too young, it’s Chevy Chase!

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One Response to Remember when ‘pop’ was fun?

  1. repgrind says:

    Strange, how could I have never heard The Rain? Every other thing on the list I certainly remember. Tub Thumping got cranked up as high as the radio in my cab would go whenever it came on. The rest are from, well, high school … I remember listening to Hungry Like the Wolf on my Walkman. heh.

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