Start saving your gold!

The next Hearthstone expansion was formally announced Friday at Pax East. It will be Blackrock Mountain. In a similar fashion to Curse of Naxxramas, it will be a PvE encounter. Even though, it went by quick, I really liked how Naxx was. I am very excited for this new chapter in Hearthstone’s history.

Blackrock Mountain

Blackrock Mountain is the next Hearthstone expansion!

Start saving your gold! I only had about 350 gold saved up for Naxx when it went live. I was able to get in and check it out (there was a free wing). It was a lot of fun. I even managed to save up enough over the next week to open the second wing on time. After that, I quickly fell behind as the dailies got stingy, only rewarding 40 gold most of the time. It wasn’t terrible but I had started a post called “This week in Naxxramas” in which I talked about that week’s wing and the cards it unlocked. Something I plan on doing for Blackrock as well. This time I will be a little better prepared.

For those of you who did not run Curse of Naxxramas yet, here is a little preview of what this style will be like:

There will be 5 wings. Each wing will have 3 bosses (this time there will be a total of 17, so 2 wings might have 4). There will be a total of 31 cards unlocked (6 a week–7 with the added card, probably on the last week). Each week there was class challenges that unlocked a new class card. Many of the class cards were superb, such as Webspinner for hunters and Duplicate for mages. There will be a heroic mode, which will open up another card back, that will let your opponents know you mean business!

Pricing will be $6.99 a wing or $24.99 for the whole expansion (prices are USD). 700 gold a wing, if you choose to go that route. Unfortunately, no gold pre-order. So no free cardback unless you pony up real world cash.

This time they added a new card just for pre-orders, which I think is a little bit of a dirty trick. I happen to really like the card but have not spent a dime of real money on Hearthstone to date. I’m at a dilemma.

Will you be saving up for the new expansion? You should. The cards look like they will be fun. There were some really great cards in Naxx that you will find in many decks today, including everyone’s favorite–Kel’Thuzad!

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