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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! Last night’s episode, “Forget” was a little slow, but a good slow. There was a lot going on. A lot of symbolism and subtext. Daryl got invited for a spaghetti dinner! Lot’s to discuss, but first…

**** Spoilers Ahead ****

The episode starts out with Sasha going out to practice shooting. It shows her either being distracted or out of form. Then she almost loses it, hearing things (walkers) while she is shooting. It was kind of setting the table for later. You see the power trio go out for a little stroll: Rick, Carol and Daryl. They discuss plans to get some guns for the armory. I didn’t like this. It felt too soon. I think if they did do it, they should have been way more subtle. I think Deanna and crew are a little smarter than they have been showing. I think Deanna is definitely testing them out. Aaron did say they had to “audition”. There is also the fact that Olivia was checking guns in and out. I would imagine they had a rough count on all the guns, even the ones in the bins.

The relationship between Daryl (yes Daryl) and Aaron seems like it’s genuine and a very cool one. I still don’t trust the dude, and that is the beauty of the writing and acting. When he invites Daryl in for some spaghetti, I found myself cheering Daryl on. It was such a great moment. Of course, Daryl is Daryl and slurps the pasta down caveman style. Part of me thinks Aaron is the mastermind and knows people really well. I kind of think he is playing him like a fiddle. Again, I hope I am way wrong.

The cocktail party seemed wrong on many levels. You got Carol thinking she is a ninja and getting caught by a kid, Rick kissing a married woman–which I guess doesn’t matter that much in the zombie apocalypse. Sasha flips out because someone was worried about her favorite food. I did like the scene with Michonne and Abraham. He can get down right philosophical when he’s buzzed.

“A” for Alexandria stamp. I thought Rick would freak out about that because, Terminus. It could be that they were not even aware they were tagged like that. If my memory serves me correct, the Termites tagged them again at the church. Creepy.

I am a little worried about Rick and Sasha. Sasha is having a real hard time living in this “normalized” society. Rick seems to be turning into a slightly more righteous version of the Governor. He seems all too eager to want to usurp the power though.

Questions: What exactly was Rick thinking when Jessie and her husband walked in front of him? He grabs his backup piece and kind of looks at him. Why isn’t he hooking up with Michonne? He has a beautiful woman who ‘gets’ him. This is driving me nuts. Then he goes and faceplants himself on the wall while a walker does the same on the other side. I like the symbolism of the whole thing. Two sides of the same coin maybe?

Does Deanna know what the crew is really up to? Daryl was being followed. Were others as well? Will the kid spill the beans on Carol? Will Daryl hook up with anyone? Who breaks first: Sasha or Rick?

Back to the “audition”. Aaron initially told the crew they would have to “audition” and we know Deanna kicked 3 men out. I’m not sure if this is being lost on the group or if they are that headstrong. The walker with the “W” on his head has got to have some meaning to it. It could be that the Alexandrites are holding some walkers to test their new recruits or to keep the others sharp. Does W stand for “west”? Hope we find out soon. Was the horse part of Daryl’s test? It would seem odd that the horse could have eluded the walkers until the exact time Daryl and Aaron walked up on it.

Two last things: Morgan? Just gotta put it out there. Aaron told Daryl that he told Deanna not to give him a job–I thought Deanna was running things. Could there be an assumed partnership or was this something we were meant to catch?

Zombie Kill of the week: There were a lot of walkers getting shot and stabbed this week. Nothing real dramatic. I guess if I had to give a vote out it would be Daryl grabbing one and smashing his skull on either a rock or a piece of metal. I’ll have to go back and look at the tape.

Wow, that was a lot to talk about. For an episode that didn’t seem to have much action, there was a lot going on. Hope you enjoyed this installment. See you next week!

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One Response to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. jdpatrick says:

    Your analysis is very well constructed – and it brings up three points I’d like to expand on.
    First, the whole Sasha situation is classic P.T.S.D. Everyone in the group has it – but she is a bit farther along in dealing with it.
    Second, Carol is not as good of a “ninja” as she thinks she is (you are right). She is right that middle-aged women, in this setting, can literally disappear into the background. Too bad that no one told Jessie’s little boy that. That little speech was 100% necessary and 100% creepy.
    Carol is … a … survivor. I am glad we got to see her relive her time in that Atlanta women’s shelter.(Terrible that women and children go through that kind of thing. I have no sympathy for the “Ed” character at all. I would’ve made him zombie chum on Day 1.)
    One additional note on Carol’s “act”. I think Deanna knows she is assuming a role. Just a feeling I have. Politicians are good at reading people. Not great decision makers, but good at reading people. 🙂
    Third, the Aaron and Darryl dynamic. It looks like Aaron is being honest with Darryl. He knows that Alexandria needs hardcore fighters – and finding effective fighters who are not also “psycho nut jobs” is a rare thing.
    By the way, where is Morgan, anyway? As a reader of the graphic novels, I have my suspicions.
    /thumbs up

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