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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! Last night’s episode, Spend was kind of crazy. I didn’t like how a couple things went down, but overall, it was a solid episode. Before we go any further though:

*****Spoilers Ahead*****

The episode starts off with Gabriel all decked out in a nice new priest uniform, complete with bright white collar. A little curious, considering he burned his last one in the fire as he chowed down on some dog. So, yeah. Then he has a mini-meltdown and starts ripping his bible into shreds. Way to repent. Hold these thoughts for later.

Rick cozies up to Jessie and finds out someone smashed her owl. Again. This time it wasn’t Rick. Later that same day, Jessie’s husband–Dr. Dolittle tries to win Rick over with a craft beer. Very crafty. Rick wasn’t buying into it. Meanwhile Carol continues to try and scare the bejesus out of Jessie’s little boy, the one who caught her stealing guns. Turns out, he’s quite the little thief himself. Carol tells him to steal some chocolate if he wants cookies, but if he’s caught, she threatens “bad stuff will happen”.

Aiden, Nicholas, Glen, Eugene and Tara head out to get a converter so they can restore their solar power grid. Things get pretty interesting there. I had some issues with the amount of walkers there. Seemed a lot for the type of warehouse it was, unless people sought it out as a shelter, but there were really no signs of that. The whole grenade sequence was odd. Most grenades are fragment oriented, which means when it explodes it sends shrapnel out to rip through people. This seemed to send one guy 50 (or however many) feet into a wall, impaling him on a couple pieces of metal. I did like how when Aidan woke up, if faced the group with another decision. Had they even gotten him off the spikes, he would have bled out.

While this was going down, Abraham was with a group of Alexandrites gathering metal from a nearby construction site. Out of nowhere, a pack of walkers emerges. I kind of had a problem with that too. Packs of walkers in the middle of nowhere just seems like a cheap way to get action/conflict going. I guess I should be used to it. Similar to the group who went to the warehouse, this group buckles under pressure and one of the members says to leave a lookout behind who fell off a raised bulldozer. Not to mention, said member accidentally shot the bulldozer so it dumped them off. That sequence was a little hokey too, but it produced the desired dilemma: Fight or flee? Abraham fought of course and saved his fellow Alexandrite.

Some very interesting developments were going on back at the “ranch”. Father–I should probably use air quotes there, Gabriel fresh off his near-breakdown, visits Deanna and tells her they should not have let the group in. He babbles on about Satan being the great deceiver and bringer of false light/hope. Gabriel told Deanna the group was dangerous and did some unspeakable things. You mean like abandoning your entire congregation because you are too much of a coward to take them in? True enough, the group has been fighting for their lives, which includes saving a fallen priest. Luckily for the group, Maggie was coming up the stairs and heard the entire confession. I cannot wait to see how this goes down.

Tragedy strikes as our group in the warehouse fights their way out. Nicholas decides it’s every man for himself and squeezes out of the “turn-style of death” he, Glenn and Noah were trapped in. Walkers on both sides, the trio was trapped in. It was quite the suspense. You kind of figured one or possibly all of them would perish. Then something interesting happens. Eugene made his way with the injured Tara back to the van and drove it around the front, bad techo music blaring on the stereo. It caught the attention of the walkers who were out front of the “turn-style”. This gave Nicholas his opportunity to weasel out, leaving Glen and Noah to try and hold back the walkers from the inside. As the door turned, it left a slight opening and Noah was quickly, and strongly grabbed. After a brief struggle, he was ripped from Glen’s grasp and literally torn apart by the walkers. 10/10 on the gruesome scale.

Questions: Biggest question is how will Deanna react to Gabriel’s confession, especially with the news that her son was killed in the warehouse run. I can’t imagine her being happy about it. However, the one dude who failed at the construction site, nominates Abraham to be the leader of that operation going forward.

What’s going to happen with Rick, Carol and Pete? Carol recognized signs that his son and possibly Jessie are being abused by the good doctor. She tells Rick that he needs to take care of it. Murder being her form of solution. Things look like they are all heading for some high impact collisions with only 2 episodes left this season.

Zombie kill of the week: No doubt goes to Abraham who for a brief moment, had a flail–some makeshift ball and chain on a stick, and gloriously smashed the heads of a few walkers before the ball fell off. That didn’t stop him from continuing to lay down the whopass with the shaft of this weapon. I have to put this in the running for Zombie kill of the season. It was that brilliant.

This episode had so much going on, it almost made me forget that Morgan is still roaming around somewhere. Gimple, why you such a tease?

Hope you enjoyed this installment as much as I did. See you next week!

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