Hearthstone 101: The rogue

I have to admit, I didn’t really like the rogue in the beginning. I pretty much stayed away from them after unlocking all the basic cards. Until I happened upon my second legendary card: Edwin “effing” VanCleef. That card was a game-changer for me and opened up the possibilities of the rogue class.

Basic rogue knockout

The rogue is definitely limited by it’s basic cards. Many of the cooler cards are “common” though and easily enough to come by or create. There wasn’t much synergy I could make, so I went with what little I had. I chose to boost spellpower.

Rogue cards: 2 each of the following unless otherwise noted

0 manaBackstab: Is a great spell. For zero mana deal 2 damage to an undamaged minion. Works awesome with Combos, which we don’t have right now. I’ll have to make a follow up post on that.

1 manaDeadly Poison: A spell that gives your weapon +2. Unfortunately this doesn’t get boosted with spell power. It’s still great, even if on your basic weapon.

Sinister strike: Do 3 damage to the enemy hero. A 1 mana spell that can be boosted with Spell Power. Good value. It’s low cost enough that you can save it for when you do throw those minions down who can boost it.

sap dat ftw

Sap got me the win, but Nightblade was ready!

2 manaSap: I really dislike this spell. It can be great, but it puts the minion back in your opponents hand. Usually it has to be held until that perfect time. I’d rather carry many other cards, but that’s just me. I only put one of these in the deck.

Shiv: A spell that deals one damage and let’s you draw a card. Pretty nice, versatile. Since it’s a spell, you can power it up.

3 manaFan of Knives: A spell that does 1 damage to all enemy minions and let’s you draw a card. Can be bumped up with Spell Power. Try to hold onto this until you have a minion on the board who can boost spell power. It’s not always possible.

5 manaAssassin’s Blade: A 3/4 weapon (does 3 damage and has a 4 round durability). Weapons are pretty great, especially ones that last for 3 or more rounds. This can be buffed up with spells or minions (when you get them). Works great with Deadly Poison.

Assassinate: A spell that destroys a minion. Pretty straight forward. You only have two of these, so use them wisely.

7 manaSprint: This spell lets you draw 4 cards. Problem is, you won’t have much mana left, if any. I only included one of these for two reasons. You can only use these if you have 7 or more mana, you have 4 other cards in this deck that allows you to draw additional cards.

Neutral Minions: One of each, unless otherwise noted

2 manaAcidic Swamp Ooze: A 3/2 minion with a Battlecry: Destroy your opponent’s weapon. I only included one in this deck. It’s a very situational card and felt we could benefit more from other minions.

Kobold Geomancer: A 2/2 minion that boosts spell damage +1. Try to save this guy until you have a spell you can use in the same turn. He will most likely not survive on the board long.

3 manaIronfur Grizzly (2): A 3/3 minion with Taunt. I went with 2 of these for some early protection and a little offensive power.

4 manaChillwind Yeti (2): Probably one of the best basic minions and “4 drops” in the game. This 4/5 minion is all business.

He gone be MAD

He gonna be MAD when I kill his buffed Raid Leader!

Ogre Magi (2): This 4/4 minion also buffs spell damage +1. Not bad right? Two heads are better than one!

Sen’jin Shieldmasta (2): A 3/5 minion with Taunt. Pretty straightforward. A little offense, a little defense. A little rum, mon. Unless you are under the drinking age for your locality of course!

5 manaNightblade: This 4/4 minion has a Battlecry that does 3 damage to the enemy hero. Do we like surprises? Of course we do! Great later on in the game when you need that last little bit of damage and your opponent has a bunch of Taunts up!

6 manaArchmage: Just in case you still have a spell to boost up later on, this 4/7 minion with +1 to spell damage might have something to say. Since it has 7 health, it will be tough to take down as well.

Reckless Rocketeer: A 5/2 minion with Charge (does not have to wait a round to attack). Really great finisher, if there are no Taunts up.

7 manaStormwind Champion: This 6/6 minion is quite the morale booster. As long as he remains, all your other minions will have +1/+1.

 Note: This deck did pretty good. 5-1 in Casual play before I decided to give those folks a rest.

That concludes our session with the basic rogue deck. May your daggers never fail to hit their mark!

Battlecry: An “on use” ability when that card is played.

Taunt: Forces any minion or player making a physical attack to attack this minion first. Does not apply to spells or certain hero abilities.

+ to spell damage: This number boosts your damage and healing spells by the noted amount.

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