Walking Dead Weekly

Holy knuckle sandwich Batman! What an episode! Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. I watched the last few seconds of last night’s episode with my mouth hanging open. Literally. It hung open a good 30 seconds or so after it ended. For a non-season finale to end like that is quite impressive. So much to talk about, but before we get started–

*****Spoilers Ahead*****

Try, started out being very annoying thanks to the “Run mix” featuring Nine Inch Nails. I appreciate what Trent Reznor did for music but that song just grated on my nerves. I commend the Walking Dead sound staff if that’s the effect they were going for. I absolutely loved how they had Deanna watching Nicholas’ interview while Glen was letting Rick know what really happened.

Sasha, I love you but I am officially on the “Sasha needs to die” bandwagon. Seriously. Shape up or let’s have Michonne take you out. I get that she has to work things out, but she is wasting a ridiculous amount of ammo in a world where resources are not all that plentiful.

Carl and Enid sitting in a tree. I think that whole deal was well played. They didn’t go for the traditional kiss. There is definitely something she is hiding. Not sure totally what it is yet. I’m thinking we might find out next week.

Rick’s collision course with Jessie’s husband, Pete, came to fruition and in grand fashion. I was sure Rick or someone else was going to kill him. I didn’t want it to be Rick. Especially after he told Jessie about his feelings for her. I think Rick went right to the edge and actually held on to the last shred of his humanity. I was shocked at the one who ended the situation, but understand fully why she did. Next week’s finale should be amazing.

Questions: So what happens now? Daryl and Aaron are close to finding out who is butchering and torturing people in the forest. It looks like Rick might be put on trial to see if he should stay or not. He openly challenged Deanna’s authority, waved a gun around, and threatened pretty much anyone who stood against him. What about the good doctor? I’m not sure how they plan on trusting him, especially with Tara. Speaking of trust, where was the minister of deception? Gabriel was absent. Why didn’t Deanna interview Glen? (perhaps she did off screen)

Deanna seems a lot more shrewd then she let on. I think between her son dying, Gabriel talking trash and Rick’s  rumble in the middle of happy town, she has probably had enough of the entire group. I am going to call my shot that Rick’s trial gets interrupted by hostile forces. Either walkers or the people who have been mutilating them.

Will we finally see Morgan in the season finale? He could come in handy right now. Perhaps he could get Sasha back on track. I mean, if he came back from losing his wife and son, maybe he could help her. He could also talk some sense into Deanna. I have a feeling things will end like all the other sanctuaries: being over run by walkers.

Zombie kill of the week: It’s kind of a tandem win this week. The scene where Sasha was shooting walkers in the head while Michonne was having flashbacks of beheading them with her katana was beautiful. Well, I mean as far as killing walkers can be.

That’s it for this week’s installment, hope you liked it as much as I do. See you next week!

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10 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. Rhamona says:

    I think Enid’s a spy for the mutilators.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I have heard this theory too. It makes a lot of sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually killed her mom. When Carl said she had a “nice knife”, the way she said, “It used to be my mom’s” with little emotion was chilling. At least that’s how I reacted to it. I’m hoping she is not, but that would be too optimistic for young Carl.

  2. other Jeff says:

    I’m thinking Enids mother was killed before she got to ‘happyville’. Did you see the Talking Dead? The sneak peak of next week shows almost what looks like Rick and family getting booted out of Happyville, BUT as you know they show just enough in those clips to be misleading. We do see Glen talking to Rick inside a house some where and saying something like “did you want this?” and Rick saying “no”.
    IF they are exiled, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Enid goes with them, would be mildly surprised if Jessie and her boys go with and maybe some others from the town, some do seem smart enough to realize Rick and family are survivors and the townies are living on borrowed time. I haven’t figured out Mishonnes angle yet, did she bop Rick to save him (and the family) from making any big decisions right then and there (hoping to bide their time until they can plan something big), or is she tired of running and wants to stay in Happyville no matter what happens to the rest?
    That said,why let Deanne and the townies kick you out, f**k them, kick their azzes, (we all know they would never stand a chance against Rick & family) and say, “OK now WE’RE in charge, accept it and live, or get the f**k out, dont let the door hit ya in the arse on the way out!”

    Oh Carol!!! Hot damn, first it was her threatening speech to Jessies boy Sam two episodes ago, to threatening Pete…I’m falling in love with her more and more each time! I’d hit dat and I don’t go for old broads (though in real life shes a couple years younger then me).
    Also, that scene, the way she threatened him in the open, pretty much indicates he was alone in the house, guessing Jessie moved out when he wouldn’t. Which is why I said earlier it wouldn’t surprise me much if Jessie joined the Rick family.

  3. other Jeff says:

    You know, the more I think about it and by paying close attention to a commercial I just saw, I’m thinking Deanne has NOT kicked out Rick & family but turned over control. In the night scene where Deanne says “We need to talk about Rick Grimes…”
    We also hear in another scene where Rick looks like he’s walking down the road alone, his voice say, “they will hunt us down, they will find us and we will kill them…” We see Gabrial without his priest collar/shirt at the main gate with an armed Happyville manning the gate, and other scenes with Darryl and one with Sasha where it looks like they are fighting or about ready too.
    First glance would seem like Deanna kicked them out and thats what they probably want use to think, BUT I believe thats misleading. I paused the scene of Deanne saying ‘we need to talk about Rick Grimes” and it and clearly see Carol, Eugene and Maggie, possibly Glen, there are some of the Happyville folks, I see Jessie and (forgot his name) the guy that gave over control of the fence operation to Abraham and Aarons boyfriend. There is another scene of Rick handing Mishonne a gun (obviously they are still friends.
    With members of Ricks family there this leads me believe she is not banishing the family for sure. Add in Ricks voice over about “they will hunt us….” and the prominence the last several episodes of walkers with the “W” on their foreheads I’m thinking THATS who Rick is talking about, and possibly Deannes question about Rick was part of a longer meeting where they were disguising a lot of other business, like how to punish Pete, then do they make Rick the new ‘mayor’ of Happyville, do they revoke his ‘police’ status and just find him another job or does he lead the posse to find the “W” people?

    • oxxo910 says:

      Very possibly. I know one thing, they do tend to show one thing in the previews and totally mislead us. I think they originally used Rick saying “they will come after us and hunt us” in the season 5 preview. I thought he was talking about the cannibals but I don’t think we ever saw that. Whatever happens, it will be a most excellent 70 minutes, give or take!

    • other Jeff says:

      WOO HOO, I was right for the most part.
      HOT DAYUM, was that a kick azz episode or WHAT!?!?!?!?!
      When Aaron invited Morgan back to Happyville I was like, AW RIGHT! But then when he turned them down saying he had some where to go I was like AWWW SHOOT! Just like past episodes where we just see him briefly and thats it for most of the seasons……then when he pulled out he map I was like YAAA HOOOO Finally Morgan will catch up to Rick.
      When douchebag Gabrial left the gate open I sorta guessed what would happen, but thought it would be a heard of walkers and Rick was gonna save every one (most every one) but they would have to abandon the town (like the prison) because there would be too many.
      That dumb broad Deanne FINALLY wised up too bad it took her watching the violence up close and personal with Reg’s blood soaking her. When she looked up at Rick I was on the edge of my seat, “SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT….. She said it and I jumped and yelled loud enough to wake the neighbors (I DVR’d it and watched it around midnight). Without blinking or hesitation, POW! Then Morgan at the gate, I was almost expecting slow motion of them running into one anothers arms. LOL Seriously, the “new and improved” all life is precious Morgan might have issues with that, think about it, he shows up right at the moment Rick, drenched in walker ooze, blows co*ksucker Petes head all over the ground.
      Personally I was really really hoping Glen was gonna gut Nick in the forrest and leave him for the walkers, also was hoping Sasha was gonna punch Gabrials ticket, two more useless people to the ‘community’ there aint. I suppose it sorta goes with Ricks new attitude (sorta), just in the fact he wasn’t going to take over Happyville like they were planning earlier. I loved that speech, “I was thinking, how many of you I’d have to kill to save you…” LOL
      I got worried when Glenn was fighting the first walker with more coming up quickly, when they cut away before we saw anything happen I thought he was going to get bitten but make it back to Happyville where Pete would have to save him by…..amputating a leg just like his father in law, Hershel.

  4. John Patrick says:

    Note: I am writing this after the season 4 finale has aired, but before I have seen it.
    One thing about the “W” on the mutilated walkers … remember the compound Noah’s family was from? The wall breached from outside? The abandoned truck full of walker torsos? Connection? Absolutely.
    Second … in the books, Alexandria’s walls were under constant siege from walkers. The leader of Alexandria, Gregory (Deanna’s position in the TV series), handed leadership over to Rick after he and the group handled a breach in the wall caused by a herd.
    In the show, they have added the plausible scenario of “effectively evacuated northern Virginia completely” to account for a lack of walker presence. However, nothing lasts forever, and we have seen herds do tend to form over time. Just a thought (for season 5).
    One final note – from the books … after a long story of survival and warfare between humans is resolved, Alexandria and other towns become sustainable and pleasant. But as we all well know, in this story bad things happen just as you think you have it all figured out. A new threat comes from within the herds. Humans wearing walker skin and moving along with the dead … and communicating in whispers.
    Creepy. Yes. Hell, yes. And I think it would make great TV. I can’t wait.

  5. other Jeff says:

    John, never saw the book but that sounds interesting. Although, I don’t recall seeing the “W” on walkers until they were outside Alexandria. Also, Richmond (Noahs town) is 100-110 miles from Alexandria, the food warehouse, seems to be the Wolves base of operations and though Aaron remarked they were 50 miles from Alexandria, we don’t know which direction, they could be halfway between the two towns or they could be totally opposite. Plus too I’m getting the vibe the Wolves are just the two nut jobs Morgan beats down, (damn those two need killing), Morgan if you only knew. They didn’t seem to have vehicles either, not surprising since they only had one hand gun but no ammo, I can see them traveling maybe in a 5 mile perimeter, any more then that would be hard to bring back more then 1 or 2 victims. which could be why a “W” walked occasionally pops up close to Alexandria, I noticed most that Sasha shot didn’t have it and didn’t notice any on the three Rick killed inside.

  6. other Jeff says:

    WAIT A SEC, WAIT A SEC….”Wolves not far” we saw on the side of a van at the food warehouse, I just remembered thinking about it, that it was written on a house or something inside Noah’s community, same style lettering, and I forgot about the pick up Rick hit with the “W” walker torsos. When you said “abandoned truck” I was thinking something else.
    I almost wonder if the two Wolf dudes were residents at Noahs community and were the only survivors from the community and killed the remaining people that attacked them but “cracked” from all the trauma? I just looked at the clips from the episode after that where they are on foot and killed the walkers at the bridge and they and the walkers that were wipped out by the tornado, no “W” and also none on the ones (that we can see clearly) they encounter in the woods after splattering the walkers all over the highway in the Caddy.
    If the Wolf dudes ARE from Noahs community, or even if they were part of the attacking group, maybe they are slowly working their way towards Alexandria, thats why they are still 50 miles away at the food warehouse. This sorta makes me think they are either a very small group if not just the two Wolf dudes, if they were bigger they would easily have discovered Happyville, running across them as they make trips out to forage and scout for new Happyville members, and obviously before Rick and family got there could easily sacked Happyville.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I think the leader of the Wolves is the same guy Aaron was talking about when he said one of the guys was really smart and tough. Then again, attacking a wearing kneepads (and other armor) is probably not smart. Could have just been supreme confidence. He did have Morgan at gunpoint and flanked with goon #2.

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